Code of Conduct for Peralta Community College District

Trademark Licensees


I. The Peralta Community College District is committed to conduct its business affairs in a socially responsible manner.

II. As a condition of being permitted to produce and/or sell licensed products bearing the name, trademarks and/or images of the colleges or district, each licensee must comply with this code of conduct, effective within six (6) months of notification of this Code, or upon negotiation of their contract.

III. Standards:

College licensees must operate workplaces and insure their contractors operations adhere to minimum labor standards, including a living wage such that allow a worker to pay rent and sustain a family of four in the location near the worksite, working no more than an eight hour shift in five days. All overtime must be voluntary, and paid at time and 1/2, or double time on holidays or the seventh consecutive work day .

College licensees must operate workplaces, and insure their contractors operations are in adherence to all clean water legislation and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards for water, soil and air quality.

No child shall be employed at an age younger than 15 in the production of apparel that bears the name, likeness or logo of the college. There shall not be any use of forced labor, prison labor, indentured labor, bonded or slave labor in the production of apparel that bears the name, likeness, trademark or logo of the college.

Licensees and their subcontrators shall not discriminate in hiring, promotion, or performance evaluation or dismissal on the basis of age, sex, pregnancy, maternity leave status, marital status, race, nationality, country of origin, creed, union affiliation, sexual orientation or religion. Workers who take maternity leave will be allowed to return at their former rate of pay and benefits with full seniority.

Licensees will not tolerate any form of corporal punishment to employees, no employee shall be subject to physical or verbal abuse, nor sexual harassment.

Licensees shall recognize and respect the right of employees to freedom of association and collective bargaining. Licensees shall allow employees to see this code, and it shall be posted or read at the worksite in view of all employees in all languages spoken at that worksite. Union organizers shall be given free access to employees, and the licensee and their subcontractors shall recognize the union of the employees' choice, and bargain in good faith where the employees have selected a bargaining representative.

If the college determines that any licensee or subcontractor has failed to remedy a violation of this Code of Conduct, the college will consult with the licensee, informing the licensee of all steps necessary to return to compliance, which may include reinstatement with back pay of workers dismissed in violation of these provisions. The College reserves the right to terminate its relationship with any licensee which continues, after consultation has been offered, to conduct its business in violation of the corrective action plan; and can refuse payment on goods otherwise contracted for if the licensee or contractor does not correct the conduct of their business to be in compliance with this Code.

Employees of licensees or their contractors are the third party beneficiaries of this Code and may enforce this Code against the licensee or its contractor in a forum of their choosing, such as a court of law, before any governmental agency with quasi-judicial powers, through binding arbitration, or by any other fair and impartial trier of fact in the countries in which they reside, including but not limited to recovery of unpaid wages and obtaining injunctions against violations of this Code.

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