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But why “Remex”?
When I first started freelancing in the early ’80s, my business name was “Galley Slaves Typesetting.” By the mid-’80s and the advent of affordable PostScript printers, that was obsolete - typesetting was no longer really a profession, and the galley had gone the way of the hot-wax machines we used to get paste-up out the door to drive to the printers.

“Remex” means a rower in Latin, often with connotations more heroic than servile. In English, through the oar connection, it survives as a scientific term for one of the guiding feathers of a bird’s wing, and through that has a yet-more obscure meaning as an ink-quill. So it all circles around to publishing! (Incidentally, I chose this name well before RE/MAX existed, real estate is not my field - honest.)

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Last updated: Thursday, October 12, 2017