Sunday Detention

by Debbie Ann Wertheim

Another scene involved two people from, Casey and Mark. They were in town from the east coast, and contacted me. The three of us went out to dinner, and spent an afternoon together, and then decided to play. They are very into roles, so we decided on a scene where Casey and I had both missed chapel, and were being sent to a Sunday detention with the chaplain. Mark stayed here in the apartment and got ready, while Casey and I went out for thirty minutes. She had missed chapel because she was sleeping, and I had missed chapel because I had hitch-hiked into town. We came back, and Mark was very seriously the chaplain. I was dressed in my school girl uniform. He asked me to list the ten commandments. I could only name two, much to my shame. Casey did much better. He kept the two of us separate for most of the two hour scene. First she had to sit in the kitchen copying out the ten commandments, which is really a pretty long section of the bible. He then had me read a passage that he had from church that morning. I read it fast and flippantly. He punished me with a tawse, on my underwear covered bottom, pretty hard, and then made me read it again slowly. It was a quote on good carpentry by Dorothy Sayers.

It was a little hard for me to not be defiant, but the strokes with the tawse weren't easy, so I wasn't out and out rebellious. He asked me who I was with when I missed chapel, and I wouldn't tell him. He'd make me stand at the end of the padded bench/table that I have and bend over, and he'd whack me hard with the tawse or a paddle. After the reading exercise I had to sit in the kitchen copying the bible and memorizing the ten commandments. He punished me with the wooden spoon when I failed to stand up when he walked in the kitchen. He never yelled, or got angry, he was just very methodical, and he used a lot of force when he was hitting me, with no warm up of course. He made me stay in position and he made me count the strokes. I did manage to memorize all ten commandments after I had written them out, and when he asked me 45 minutes later, I still knew them.

Eventually he brought both of us into the main room and had us read from my _Lectures for Boys_ book. The lecture he picked was that day's lecture, and it actually supported us in not going to chapel. It said that outward appearances weren't what counted. I also pointed out that the Lord rested on the seventh day, so that Casey was just doing as the Lord did. Eventually, he punished us for breaking the rules, but not really for sinning against God. I was surprised when I was copying the passage out that God said that he is a jealous God. That really upset me.

For the final punishment he used a British cane on me, full force, and he hit me 18 times. It was very intense. There was blood, and I was very close to real tears. The cuts looked very fierce. There was a great closure, where he said that he didn't enjoy doing this and he hugged me. I stood in the corner, while Casey was punished, and then we were both sent out into the hallway. I showed her my marks and she was very impressed. It still hurts to sit two days later.

It was a great scene. I really got into the role playing, and I loved the religious themes. When Mark pulled my underwear down for the caning, I felt that complete sense of embarrassment. It was great. They left me the cane.

I really enjoyed meeting and playing with them. They've both met and played with Crispin. Again, none of it really seemed sexual to me. Thinking about it doesn't arouse me exactly, but I loved the pain, I loved learning the ten commandments. It was a great release. I really appreciated that Mark wasn't trying to break our spirit in any way, it was very respectfully done punishment, extremely non-sexual. I liked it a lot.

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