Station Rose was founded in Vienna/Austria in 1988-

by artist Elisa Rose & Gary Danner

(click here to download my sound samples), composer,
as the first independent & public multimedia space in the city.


Station Rose in Vienna 1988-1991

In 1994 we nearly spent 300 days in the studio, & we sure still do so now- morphing towards mind children. Our community IS the net more than Frankfurt.

The slogan still is "We shop therefore we still go out" (thanx to Barbara Kruger).
"Our engineers, programmers, scientists have given our species the technology to think and communicate in multi-media electronic forms. The next stages involve popularizing, personalizing, humanizing electronics. This will require the dedication of creative artists. To put it simply - the function of the human being in the Electronic future is to be a multi-media artist-creator."

Timothy Leary, PhD

Station Rose´s Digital Archives:




coming up:


doing field research in Egypt




G-TV featuring

STR-Late Night Show.

Have a Ball -> CU SeeMe"

Digital Ecstasy

Telegeist & Supershopping Public Brain Session/PBS 300BPM Son et Lumiere

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