LIVE audio & video in realtime-20sec.


Station R.O.S.E (realtime operating system environment) is
webcasting since 1.99.
STReaming Schedule:
time: 9-10p.m. central european time
days: THU/FRI
place: www.stationrose.com
anfahrt: ISDN, or as low as 28.8
content: Art & Digital Bohemian Activities
<--------- backward:
STR has started with webcasting during the exhibition "crossLinks"
in Berlin, 1/99. Since 4/2/99 we send from the Frankfurt Studio-
live-mixing soundz&visuals. From time to time "STR im Gespraech" happens
with studio guests.
The actual "Streaming_Gunafa_99_Schedule" can be found at www.stationrose.com.
STR is the 1st webcasting station in Frankfurt.
important: as the sessions are realtime multimedia art, they will
not be archived.
Dislocation is Cool.
Cyberspace is our land!
Gunafa !

://playing now.CD(gun06cd)
released august 99.
Worldwide distribution by NEUTON & ZOMBA.




Order at cybercd.de

released November 99.
Worldwide distribution by NEUTON.

://playing now world tour.
02.10.: Hamburg, Earth Dance Festival
08.10.: Vienna, Galerie TRABANT
12.10.: Frankfurt, U60311
28.10.: Berlin, Transmediale inmedia talk/show
31.10.: Lucerne, VIPER Festival
04.12.: Munich, ULTRASCHALL

://Das Buch.
1st decade
10 years of Station Rose
10 years of native multimedia art.
11.3.1988-11.3.1998 - The 1st Decade
edition selene Wien, 204pages
---order it online at amazon
German, partly in english, black & white graphics, original documents, many color pages; bringing light to phases like the "start-up sequence in Vienna", "Digital Cocooning", or the mysterious "Cairo-phase".
Including texts by F.E.Rakuschan, Howard Rheingold, Geert Lovink, Timothy Leary, David Hudson, Elisa Rose, Gary Danner, Bea Stammer/Gabriele Horn, Terence McKenna, Michael Behrendt, Petra Klaus, Christoph Tannert, Micky Remann, Thomas Hettche, Micky Kwella.
You can order the book at http://www.txt.de/selene/rose.htm, too.
get the whole story.


see some press articles
press foto01 (by Dirk Ostermeier, 15x10cm, 300dpi)
press foto02 (by PH.O.T./Ernst Stratmann, 15x10cm, 300dpi)

Our video "Distortion Sandwich" was shown at
3 nights of film crossing over the pulse of digital SUBculture.
"Cyberspace is our land"

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