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written byjanuary 96.

THAT MONTH`S HEADLINES (details below):

- Look back in anticipation: Station Rose 95
Station Rose Homepage redesigned
- Virtual journalists: Gunafa Twins alias STR are European correspondents for Howard Rheingold´s "Brainstorms"
- Alexander Wild new manager of Station Rose
- Purchasing Art on Electronic Surfaces: The "Station Rose Shoppe"
- Station Rose Server going online soon
- Gunafa Clubbing live : Outlook 96


 Look back in anticipation: Station Rose 95
The best way to start a series of newsletters is to look back on what has been achieved. And much has been achieved indeed! 1995 was a highly successful and promising year for Station Rose. It started with the installation of the "Station Rose Homepage" in february, which can be found at the server of famous Californian Virtual Community "The Well". Station Rose is member of the WELL since 1991.
In the course of the year the "Homepage" with its innovative chaos-structure and surprising hyperlinks was honoured twice: "The Well" features it as No.1 of their "Favourites" list & at "Ars Electronica 95" it gained an award as "self server".
Watching the number of 50000 hits on their "Homepage", Gary Danner & Elisa Rose made a licence contract with renowned independent label "Play It Again Sam/Germany", allowing the latter to release the material produced by STR on their very own "Gunafa Label". The contract led to the release of the "Icons, Morphs & Samples" CD-Plus,(i.e. 150 MB interactive material + 50 min. audio-tracks) and "Mind Children", a 4-track AudioCD.

Station Rose could be experienced live in August at Frankfurt´s cult location "The Box", formerly known as "XS". The successful event, called "Gunafa Clubbing/Internet Lounge", was a revitalization of the famous "Gunafa Clubbing" parties STR had celebrated during 1992 and 93 at the same location. This time, however, they had a more complex technology at hand. Without any problems they managed a "CU See me" online video conference with California and Japan, turning the crowded "Box" into a visionary digital bohemian internet lounge.

In spite of being involved in complex projects Station Rose repeatedly found the time to discuss their work and the possibilities of hypermedia in public. Apart from lectures and seminars all over Europe they appeared at a "multimedia" panel at this year´s "PopKomm" at Cologne and at the Frankfurt MultiMediaDays 96 together with MIT´s Nicholas Negroponte. During these events Rose & Danner were able to communicate their hypermedia art & philosophy .
  Station Rose Homepage redesigned.
With more than 50.000 hits per month the Station Rose Homepage has surpasssed all expectations. Nevertheless the highly imaginative page has gone through a creative metamorphosis. Although its chaotic structure has been kept untouched, users now will find it easier to "get in" and reach special features they are looking for. Famous Station Rose options like "Digital Bohemian Lifestyle", "Digital Glamour", "Nature Is Cool", "Late Night Show",(CU See Me"-Video-Conferences), "STR-Soundz", "STR-Movies" and many more are now featured on the opening page inviting users for a direct hit. Have a look and N-joy !

Like their first CD-ROM production in 1992 the development of their homepage was supported by the Austrian Ministery of Science and Arts, by the curator Stella Rollig.

Virtual journalists: "Gunafa Twins" European correspondents for Howard Rheingold´s "Digital Zeitgeist". Besides being involved in countless multimedia-projects Station Rose found the time to write an essay about "The Aesthetics of Techno" earlier this year. The essay was first published in a book called "Techno", a collection of articles about the house and techno culture edited by Philipp Anz and Patrick Walder. A hypermedia-version of "The Aesthetics of Techno", including visuals and sound samples, found its way into Howard Rheingold´s new electronic magazine "Brainstorms".
Their latest contribution takes a look at the emerging artistic European Hypermedia scene. Rheingold, who is one of the first renowned authors to concentrate his entire writing on the Internet, has established "Brainstorms" as an exciting new platform for the world wide hypermedia scene and marks out new directions for electronic publishing. "The Aesthetics of Techno" in turn marked the beginning of Danner´s & Rose´s career as virtual journalists: from now on they will work as European correspondents for the "Brainstorms"-column "Digital Zeitgeist". Every two months they report on what is hot (and what is not) in the European multimedia-scene. Check it out!

New STR-Manager Now confirmed: Alexander Wild is new manager of Station Rose. Known as an experienced congress manager, Alexander uses his know-how as mediator between STR and the industry. His tasks include personal management, tour management and marketing.
Operating from his Frankfurt STR-office, Alexander is bound to build up a virtual company for Station Rose and develop its main economic strategy. In order to achieve his aim he is already recruiting creative co-workers for basic areas like public relations and marketing.
People interested in contributing to the Station Rose project should bring along an internet connection, general knowledge of arts and aesthetics and a lot of imagination.

phone +49-69-25 33 18 fax +49-69-25 15 26

Purchasing Art on Electronic Surfaces: The "Station Rose Shoppe" Station Rose will build a complex virtual company covering all areas from artistic production to the sale of products. The "Station Rose Shoppe" will offer Station Rose merchandise, CDs, CD-ROMs, t-shirts, light boxes and other works of art produced by STR. Right now the team is busy organizing an effective internet distribution. Shop and distribution will be important elements of the Station Rose Server.
Surfing on Electronic Surfaces since 1991- Serving Cyberspace now:
The Station Rose Server.
The server will be the heart of the virtual STATION ROSE company Rose & Danner will build up in 1996. The preparations for the server have almost been finished. It will not only bring the "Station Rose Shoppe" to life but offer a powerful new forum for the German hypermedia scene. Watching the nervous internet activities of potential customers around them, Station Rose expect their server to go online soon. contact:
Gunafa Clubbing live - Outlook 96: Expanding into virtual space is not the only large scale project Danner & Rose pursue. Supported by their new manager and the creative team he gathers around them, Danner & Rose are able to concentrate on new artistic projects: In 1996 they plan to establish their "Gunafa Clubbing/Internet Lounge" on a regular base. Apart from innovative sounds and visuals these events will feature "CU See Me" online video conferences with California, Japan and other parts of the world - an electronic "ritual" which long since has become a regular part of Danner´s & Rose´s "digital bohemian lifestyle". In addition to their "Internet Lounge" events they will do their second German club tour, trying to surpass the success of their 1993 tour.

Issue 02 February 96.
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