Iraq National Museum Sacked in Baghdad

                  US braintrust, Powell, Bush, and Rumsfeld looking
                  self-satisfied before the destroyed inside of the
                  greatest museum of Mesopotamian artifacts.
"Its a matter of priorities," oil or 7,000 year old Sumerian artifacts. "We could never guarantee the safety of a single building." Besides "Allowing them to loot, let off steam. Stuff Happens!"

Bush contemplates the relationship between the
                  origin of writing and being a dunce while protecting
                  oil sources from looters and allowing the destruction
                  of priceless artifacts.
"A free Iraq can be an example of progress to all the Middle East." -George W. Bush, who has more experience with dunce caps than cuneiforms.

The Joint Chief's gave more importance to securing the Iraqi Oil Ministry than preventing the theft and destruction of priceless cultural treasures.

An Iraqi
                  mourns the destruction of priceless cultural artifacts
                  behind untouched oil barrels.
"The Defense Department leaves decisions, such as providing protection of the most important antiquity repositories, to commanders on the scene." All of whom are recognized cultural arbiters.

Dick Chaney
                  describes Saddam Hussein's tiny projectile
Even though we can't find Saddam Hussein's tiny wiener, and it may have been hyperbole that it was a weapon of mass destruction (WMD), its important to note, "a month ago Iraq was a prison. Today the Iraqi people are regaining control of their own destiny." We have enabled them to loot and burn their heritage. As President Bush states, "these are good days in the history of freedom."

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