Here you can find old and new excursions in and around CyberTown.
1.0 On the VeRGe/ Exploratorium (2/8/96 )
1.5 Prom Night/ Ramona Street (2/8/96)

The Exploratorium is a very special place: a museum of science, art, and human perception with over 650 interactive "hands on" exhibits. Each year more than 660,000 visitors come to the Exploratorium, over 67,000 children come on field trips, and more than 500 teachers are trained there. 601 Lyon Street, San Francisco CA 94123 (415.561-0360/

The San Francisco Digital Media Center is a non-profit community arts production and training facility. Joe's Digital Diner is a cool place to get familiar with what these great people do. Community activists, Storytelling Evangelsists, Arts Crusaders. 3435 Caesar Chavez Blvd @ Valencia #220, SF 94110 (415.824-9395/ e-mail:

ATA is a non-profit, artist-managed, media arts center. that seeks to expand the dialogue about film, video and television as tools of communication and artistic expression. 992 Valencia Street, S.F. 94110 (415.824.3890) e-mail: ata@SIRIUS.COM)

ANON SALON is a nearly monthly party/event/performance that showcases the diversity of art and performance activity in the Bay Area. Located in a gallery space on 9th Street, South of Market, with occasional excursions off-site, ANON SALON is in its fourth year, though its roots go back through Climate Theatre to gallery and Glashaus parties of the early 80's. email: (415.626-6422/ e-mail Anon@SIRIUS.COM)

George Coates Performance Works presents large scale multimedia theatrical spectacles that employ extensive digital imaging technology. Recent shows have also used real-time network connections in innovative ways. 110 McAllister St.

Survival Research Labs stages giant outdoor performances involving ritualized interactions between machines, robots, and special effects devices, for purposes of socio-political satire.Humans are present only as audience or operators.

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