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The Latest: July 19 1996

Holy Moley,where the heck has Rheingold been hiding? Did he get a life?

No way! Would I do that to you?

The reason I haven't been obsessively tweaking my web pages is because I went and jumped off the deep end. I created a company, raised some bucks, gathered a top-notch, worldwide, hell-bent-for-html crew, and we plan to spend the rest of our lives tweaking a WHOLE BUNCHA pages. I'm not ready to say much more about it, but if you check out Electric Minds you'll get a leetle taste of what the new thang is gonna look like. And you'll have the opportunity to put your address on an e-mail list so we can notify you when we are ready to fire up this new enterprise.

I'll tell you one thing about it: It will succeed or fail because of you. What we build next is entirely up to all of us. Stay tuned. When the time comes, hop aboard and join the fun.

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December 31 1995

I don't know who or what assigned me a planet where the sky is blue and the air is breathable, water is a liquid, food grows on trees, but I want to take the opportunity to say a big Thank You for A BIG FUN YEAR on Earth!

Apropos of tweaking Brainstorms, the last day of the year is an appropriate time for the latest report from My Guru, Justin Hall. Here's his view of the digital hotbed at Swarthmore

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If you do one thing for your country this year, do it now: Call President Clinton and tell him to veto S 652, the infamous Internet Censorship Act. Here's a Tomorrow column that explains why and gives you the right numbers to call and fax.

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The latest chapter of Tools for Thought is up. This particular chapter is either a testament to my futurist instincts or my great good luck. The young unknowns I interviewed in 1983 for Brenda and the Future Squad included Brenda Laurel, who is now the well-known expert on the dramatics of human interface design, Jaron Lanier, the dreadlocked wizard who was instrumental in creating the virtual reality industry ten years later, and Scott Fisher, who was instrumental in jump-starting VR at NASA. Don't worry about my getting cocky. The next chapter will be the one where I looked at what an important trend expert systems and knowledge engineering was going to be. ;-)

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A couple of new developments. The first one is very serious.

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In technology, as in other parts of life in the current universe, you can't get a sense of where you are going until you know where you came from.

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Ahhh. A week on the river, completely out of range of all modern telecommunication technology. I've also been working on Snaketree for several weeks. Every Sunday when I'm in town, after finishing the gardening chores, I add some layers of glistening, viscous, toxic oil paint to the taut surface of a canvas. I've been doing it for years. Nowadays, however, I do something I never used to do. I interrupt my painting process every twenty or thirty brush strokes, pull out the QuickTake, and make a few digital snaps. It's up to about thirty frames now. When I'm finished, I'll make a little movie and upload it. Life is art!

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