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Some of these people sent me takeout menus. Some of them went on the road with me looking for Chinese restaurants. Some of them have given me valuable critical feedback and encouragement. Some have helped to publicize the project. All of them have lent their support to this project in some way, for which I am eternally grateful. Mouse around; some are linked to their own websites. This is in no particular order. There isn
t room to list all the wonderful survey respondents (almost 300 of em at last count), but other than that, if I forgot someone, let me know!

Donna Keiko Ozawa
Irene Chan
Heather Johnson
CS Soong & Ilona Bray
Dan Wang
Debra Greene
Birgit Gehrt
Peggy Chung
Mari Andrews
Florence Yoo
Karen Steward Nolan
Carolyn Steward
Anderson Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Mary Austin & her mother
Noah Lang, Trillium Press
Bob Wing
Lilac Wing
Mey Wong, & Lina Hoshino who led me to her
Harley Spiller
Peter Som

Michele Flannery
John Flannery
Juliana, Brenda, Margo & all the other swimmers
Adi Gevins
Mark at Leo's Pro Audio
Stephan Jost, Mills College Art Museum
Meigan Dadzie
Janet Keller
Imogene Lim
Everett Woo
Moss Gross
Grace Wing-Yuan Toy
Patricia Wakida
Oriane Stender
Nancy Chen
Amy Moon
Minal Hajratwala
Bari Scott
Annie Nakao, San Francisco Chronicle
Amy Berk,
Kelly Vance, East Bay Express
Helen Fong
Glen Helfand
Fawnee Evnochides, Pacific Time
Dave Stoelk, Evening Magazine
Angry Asian Man

Robert Ito, Giant Robot
Thuy Linh Nguyen Tu & Mimi Nguyen
Roger Shimomura
Chinese Historical Society of America
Creative Work Fund


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