Jack J. Woehr for Congress

digital image of Jack Woehr by J.T. Payne

Jack Woehr is the Libertarian candidate for the Colorado Sixth U.S. Congressional District in the November 2, 2004 General Election

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Purpose of Campaign

The Libertarian Party offers a way out from destructive hyperpartisanship in the U.S. Congress:

Send some Libertarians to Congress!

Since we Libertarians tend to disapprove of most new legislation, the Democrats and Republicans will have to exhibit bipartisanship in order to pass any legislation. Once we have a small but effective Libertarian minority in Congress, Republicans and Democrats will have to go back to polite civil discourse, since they won't be able to ramrod through legislation by means of a clear majority.

Position Statements

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Press Releases

History of campaign

The 2004 Convention of the Colorado Libertarian Party did not produce a candidate for Colorado's 6th U.S. congressional district. At the end of June, a vacancy committee nominated Jack J. Woehr of Golden to the open candidacy.


Donations may be sent to Jack Woehr for Congress, PO Box 51, Golden CO 80402-0051.
In Memoriam: Richard DeLong 1950-2002
Rich was my campaign manager in 1994. Rich lived to serve his nation, his community, his family and his friends.