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If this page looks like a vestige of something designed in the 20th century, that's because it is.

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For twelve years I sang bass in the California Revels chorus. Here I am with my 2005 medieval family: lovely wife Helen and lovely daughter Clio, and spirited son Harry. Photo by Jan McMillan.

Stereo Photography          
This artistic avocation grew into a small business focused on custom designs for zoos, museums and national parks.
Time-for-Space Wiggle
My first experiments displaying stereo images with simple two-framed animation attracted a surprising amount of attention, starting with a mention on Metafilter.


Stereo Views of the Grand Canyon
My first stereo photos were taken with an old Stereo Realist from the '50s on an 18-day rafting trip down the Grand Canyon.
Incidents of Travel shows off pictures from several months in Nepal and Vietnam in 1999.
Here I am blueing up for the
Burning Man Opera
, for which I also served as webmaster.
Caution: cr
azy naked Dionysian revels here.

Opera Arkipelago Camp,Burning Man 2002
Opera Omphalos Camp, Burning Man 2003
Some of my Stereojet prints were exhibited at Photo San Francisco 2004, at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.