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Interaction Design & Storytelling

Personal & Performance


For eight years I sang bass in the California Revels chorus. Here I am with my 2005 medieval family: lovely wife Helen and lovely daughter Clio, and spirited son Harry. Photo by Jan McMillan.
Here I am in the 2002 California Christmas Revels, with my stage family making the pilgrimage to Santiago de Campostella.


Some of my Stereojet prints were exhibited at Photo San Francisco 2004, at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.

An article I wrote about Stereojet here.

Stereo Photography          
This artistic avocation grew into a small business focused on custom designs for zoos, museums and national parks.
Time-for-Space Wiggle
My first experiments displaying stereo images with simple two-framed animation attracted a surprising amount of attention, starting with a mention on Metafilter. See my "how to" article here.



Opera Arkipelago Camp,
Burning Man 2002


Opera Omphalos Camp,
Burning Man 2003

A slide I shot in collaboration with a fire performer friend, Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Sarah, won first prize in the 2003 Oakland International Stereo Exhibition.

Another first prize came at the 2004 Photographic Society of America competiton, stereo division, for Corn Mother Bleses the Harvest. That image and two others also won the grand prize in the Pokescope 3D Photo Competition.

Stereo Views of the Grand Canyon
My first stereo photos were taken with an old Stereo Realist from the '50s on an 18-day rafting trip down the Grand Canyon.
The Oakland Camera Club is the best place in the Bay Area to learn about stereo photography.

Interaction/UX Design
I have worked in one aspect of interactive design or another since the mid 1980's.
Here are links to sites discussing some of them.

Beginning in 2009 I began consulting as Senior Information Architect and User Experience Lead at Razorfish, working on a variety of projects for such clients at Intel and Microsoft.

For ten years I have worked as Senior Designer-Analyst for many clients of Aaron Marcus & Associates, a Berkeley-based firm with deep experience and wide-ranging clients from Fortune 500 companies to technology start-ups. A heuristic analysis I made of software used by the San Jose Police was written up in the San Jose Mercury News and the New York Times.

For two years I worked for Maxis as Creative Director on the third version of the city simulation game SimCity.
ScruTiny in the Great Round is my hard-to-describe, award-winning collaboration with artist Tennessee Rice Dixon, on CD-ROM

Clubmobile.org celebrates the women of the Red Cross Clubmobile Service during World War II.

Much of it is based on the letters, scrapbook and spoken stories of my mother, Charlotte Colburn Gasperini.

Hidden Agenda, my 1989 simulation of Central American politics with Ron Martinez and Greg Guerin, is now out of print.

As detailed on the site of the Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction, I will send you a copy in exchange for a contribution to an NGO working in Central America.

Also available through the Maricopa Center is Alan Levine's interview of me concerning the making of Hidden Agenda.

It was designing the Time Machine series of reader-active books, and writing the first few titles, that got me hooked on interactive storytelling.

A nice fan site keeps alive the memory of this series.

Thoughts about the game medium inspired by work on Hidden Agenda were published in Information Design (ed. Robert Jacobson, MIT Press) as Structural Ambiguity: An Emerging Interactive Aesthetic.

Personal & Performance

For several years I was a member of Ohana, a SF Bay throat singing choir. Here's the site of our leader and teacher, Arjuna, who has since moved to Joshua Tree. Incidents of Travel shows off pictures from several months in Nepal and Vietnam in 1999.
Here I am blueing up for the
Burning Man Opera
, for which I also served as webmaster.
Caution: crazy naked Dionysian revels here.
Just in time for St. Patrick's Day 2001, Jim gets an Irish passport.