3. In 1981, at the performance series Performing/Performance at La Mamelle, I handed out a serial story, The Big Zucchini -- in which a clerical worker is harassed by a gang of big bosses at Applied Missile Systems. Armed with a large zucchini, she fights back in nontraditional ways and meets a legendary Oakland Raiders' quarterback.

Every week, 100 copies of a new one page installment of the story were placed on the bar at La Mamelle. (the artists space in San Francisco that Carl Loeffler started in 1977 and eventually became Art Com) People got caught up quickly in the story. Many were waiting at the door when I arrived with the new installment. The series closed with a multimedia performance of The Big Zucchini.

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Judy Malloy
Artist on the Net
Read from an array of 3X5 cards,
this talk was given in March 1993
at the Conference on
Computers, Freedom and Privacy