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DENNIS PRAEGER_Still the Best Hope: Why The World Needs American Values to Triumph
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liberty, in god we trust, e pluribus unum
/1100/can't have liberty and big governmt
/1210/certain size of govrmy and not lrgr
/1230/humans yearn for security not liberty
/1530/...are taught people are not basically good
/1750/either accountable to god or to the state/
-being accountable to one's self is [dellusional]
/1955/e pluribus unum - for many-one
this is the least zenophobic country [ever]
/2115/familism-i only trust my family
/2210/nationalism is good
/2310/americanism shatters blood
/2400/leftism is antithetical to americanism
/2435/compare to other societies, not to utopia
combating entitlement sensibilities
/2610/we are corrupting character when we give people things for nothing
/2930/Republicans offer you less money
/3400/conservative voice is aired only in the WSJ Ed Pg, some progs on Fox, and Talk Radio
/3632/feelings is the basis of leftism
/3730/there is no conservative that is opposed to govmt entirely, just too much
/3820/no one can demonstrate an improvement in education since the beginning of the Dept of Education
/3930/no big business created genocide, big govmt does
-big govmt kills masses of people
/4300/dialogue with student journalist at UCSB - Racist coming to SB. Next collumn "I apologize to Dennis Praeger"

/4510/3 Trinities:
God Tora Israel
Liberty, In God We Trust, E Pluribus Unum
Race Gender Class

/4610/liberals don't assess quality, they assess by inequality
we have different prisms through which we see the world
Obama is honest, but sees the world through...

we are the most driven values in foreign policy-
to me it's idealism, to the left it's imperialism

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