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Torii on the beach near Zushi.

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January 7, 2007. Paper crane chains in Sengakuji, near Shinagawa.

Links. There are weblinks and there are the meat-o-sphere visually suggestive links. The physical links can't be overlooked. Let's start the new 2007 year with a chain of cranes, carefully folded, arranged, and displayed at the Sengakuji shrine near Shinagawa station. This is the great Asano family shrine, decendents of the famed "Forty-seven Ronin", or "Chushingura" story. More links coming soon.

Advice: Preparations for visiting Japan

  • This book: "Overcoming Jet Lag" by Dr. Ehret and Lynne Scanlon. $10 new. Available online or in the travel section of Barnes & Noble. ISBN 0-425-09936-9. Page 96 describes preparations for the trip from PST to Tokyo Time. Your reward: Arrive feeling competent and enjoy your time in Japan right away instead of battling "jet lag".

  • JR Rail Pass if you plan to travel. You MUST buy it before coming to Japan. Works on all JR lines. One trip from Tokyo to Kyoto pays for it.

  • Do NOT buy these before you leave:

    1. Toothpaste, shampoo, especially not kleenex packets. It may surprise some people to find that Japan is far from a 2nd or 3rd world country.

    2. One pair running shoes/super-sandals will do. Buy zori/sandals in Japan. Any remains will be good souvineers.

    3. Forget extra socks, that sort of thing. Your usual support items are available everywhere, you won't have to haul it onto the plane, and whatever remains are great souvineers.