This is a test. This is only a test.

In the event I had had any free time recently, this would have been the home page of Steve Rhodes.

I contribute regularly to TVBarn, a weblog about television.

I started a weblog in April of 2000, Tiger Beat. Posts prior to July 2003 are here.

I have put up a clips page with links to pieces I have written (some are also linked to below).

Brief commentary and some links on the AOL Time Warner deal. (1-13-00)
Rebecca interviewed me for her CBS Marketwatch column, Who's imbedded with whom? (1-14-00 - requires free membership)
I was quoted in AOL: Technically, America's Most Hated Company in the Sunday (1-15-00) Washington Post as Scott Rhodes (the problem of having an online coversation with a reporter who mostly knows you as srhodes).
I spoke Jan. 28, 2000 on Justin Hall's panel on webzines at AAN West 2000.

I worked on the This Modern World page from the fall of 1995 until the fall of 2000. I created a page on Mark Danner, a writer for the New Yorker who was named a MacArthur Fellow in 1999. His focus is human rights, and he has written about El Salvador, Haiti and the former Yugoslavia.

I also did a page for Norman Solomon and put his book, The Trouble With Dilbert, online. And I pulled together a page of links on humorist David Sedaris (neither have been updated in a long time).

I was in the documentary Homepage (but got cut) which features Justin Hall and was at the documentary competition at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. I did an interview with Jon Else who directed Sing Faster (which won the filmmaker's trophy) for Indiewire. I also wrote a review of the excellent The Black Press (which aired on PBS and won the Freedom of Expression award at Sundance).

I contribute short items to justin's zine, Some are just snippets from email sent to justin, some are actually written and some mine things from the web. There is now a list of most of my items for (though some are outdated and/or have broken links). You can even read email i never expected to be displayed to the world. Justin included my page in his first web workshop segment (you can see the segment and read justin's story) on ZDTV's Call for help - as an example of a basic page. Justin was later fired (there is a naked photo of justin on this page).

I used to co-host the Media Shock conference on Electric Minds with Rebecca Eisenberg. There is a bio I did for Electric Minds (in a format Justin came up with). It goes up to about 1996.

A story I did on a zine called Bitch came out in the March/April 97 issue of Mediafile. The Christian Science Monitor went online, so I was able to put up this op-ed I co-wrote on Media coverage of rape. I added some links at the end, and it will eventually have links to a few more articles on media coverage of rape. I was on the board of CCCO from 1992 - 1999.

I worked in the multimedia section at the Virgin Megastore in San Francisco from when it opened in August of 1995 until April 1996. You can read an interview with me about my experiences there which appeared in Salon. I also found a web site for Research Spectrum where I worked while I was interning and working on Frontline docs at the Center For Investigative Reporting.

I have had time to pull together a number of rough pages on different subjects (in order they were originally created - some of them haven't been updated in a long time)

Until I have time to do something interesting, here are a few links to stuff I've worked on or written:

I can be reached at