Case Studies List

A variety of case studies have been performed using naltrexone in the treatment of alcoholism. We are reproducing the summary reports from many of these. Select those you wish to view below - a brief description is attached to each.

No. 1: 41 y/o female, physically abused by spouse

No. 2: 46 y/o SWM, HIV+

No. 3: 37 y/o DWF, possible depression

No. 4: Male, concomitant Zoloft treatment

No. 5: 31 y/o WM, side effect complaints

No. 6: 51 y/oDWM, multiple prior treatments

No. 7: 35 y/o SWM ,multiple arrests

No. 8: 52 y/o WF, several concomitant medical problems

No. 9: 30 y/o SBM, multiple drug use - alcohol use continues

No. 10: 44 y/o SWM, AIDS Complications

No. 11: 41 y/o MWM, alcoholism plus schizoaffective disorder

No. 12: 39 y/o SWM ,concurrent use of disulfiram

No. 13: 43 y/o WM, treated in clinician's office

No. 14: 33 y/o SWM, many "slips" - continued marijuana use

No. 15: 42 y/o SWM, low self-esteen, panic attacks

No. 16: 41 y/o MWF, naltrexone helps client manage a "slip"

No. 17: 27 y/o WM, 5 year history of heavy drinking - side effects

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