Case Study Report: 7

Opening Statement: SFS has been on naltrexone f or close to 1 year. over the past several months, his liver enzymes were periodically elevated.

Patient Background Information: SFS is a 36-year-old, white, single man with a high school diploma who is employed as a construction worker. His drugs of choice were alcohol and marijuana. He started drinking alcohol at the age of 13, and had 12 years of heavy drinking. He was drinking approximately 38 drinks in the form of beer per week. Marijuana, which he started using at age 13, was used occasionally. He was adopted, however, he did find out that his biological father was an alcoholic and died from cirrhosis. SFS was involved in intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment from 7/22/91 to 8/19/91 and 12/18/93 to 5/23/94. The first treatment was precipitated by having received his third DUI along with several public drunkenness charges. He remained sober for 10 months. The second treatment was precipitated by an arrest in October 1993 for felonious assault - police went to his home to investigate for loud music and he answered the door with a shotgun in his hands. SFS said his first treatment was solely to appease the courts and he was dishonest with himself and others. Currently, he has made -life-style changes, is taking college courses, and attends AA three times per week as well as aftercare at the (Name of Center Deleted). medically, SFS has a history of gout and hypertension. During the study, he had a significant amount of medical work done. The medications he took during the study include naproxen (Anaprox) and colchicine for gout, quinapril (Accupril) for hypertension, and aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin), Tylenol III, and Vicodin for dental work.

Naltrexone Treatment and Results: On 2/24/94, SFS was started on naltrexone 50 mg per day and continues on that dosage. The naltrexone was discontinued from 8/3/94 to 8/10/94, due to dental work. No side effects were experienced from the naltrexone. SFS remains active in AA and aftercare at the (Name of Center Deleted). He expresses feeling positive regarding the use of naltrexone in helping him maintain sobriety- he is uncertain whether it is psychological or physiological. The courts have recognized and acknowledged his involvement in the naltrexone study by waiving jail time.

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