inkwell.vue.489 : Hospice Today - and Tomorrow
permalink #101 of 103: Renshin Bunce (renshin) Wed 16 Mar 16 17:36
(Paula slipped)

Anyone can go to Zen Hospice, which is a RCF (Residential Care
Facility) for the Chronically Ill.  I believe the model is like any
other residence:  patients pay room and board and hospice companies
visit patients there.  The other similar place is Coming Home
Hospice in the Castro, which I believe was an early response to the
Aids crisis and is now owned by CPMC.

Our patients are all in their homes.  For some, their home is the
same building they have lived in for decades.  For others, their
home is a skilled nursing facility they have just been moved to. 
And yes, I see lots people in of assisted living and independent
living sections of senior facilities too.
inkwell.vue.489 : Hospice Today - and Tomorrow
permalink #102 of 103: Jon Lebkowsky (jonl) Sat 19 Mar 16 17:35
Thanks so much to <pspan>, <wickett>, <renshin> and all who
participated in this discussion. While discussions in Inkwell
formally last two weeks, the topic will remain open, and it's fine
to continue posting here. 
inkwell.vue.489 : Hospice Today - and Tomorrow
permalink #103 of 103: Paula Span (pspan) Sun 20 Mar 16 09:41
Thanks, all.

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