The Ancient City and Other Worlds

Are there inhabited worlds other than the one The Ancient City is on? Most authorities believe there are, although nobody is really certain.

Most Scientists believe the universe is so vast that it is almost a statistical certainty that intelligence exists on other worlds, although they have no evidence beyond statistics. Efforts are underway to search for radio emissions and other likely effects of distant civilizations, but this is an infant science taking its first baby steps.

The Wizards have something closer to definite proof.

They have opened portals into what appear to be other inhabited worlds. They have, however, been unable to pin down where those other worlds are in relation to this one. Are they on other planets in this universe? Are they in the far future or the distant past of their own world? Are they in other universes, or perhaps on other planes of reality we don't have the words or concepts for? Are they merely some figment of a Wizard's imagination, temporarily made real by the energies required to open the portal? Or are some of them one thing, others another?

In addition to all this, some of the gods claim to have met gods of worlds we have not yet opened portals to. The gods, however, give us little real information. Only the more aloof deities in the upper reaches of the hierarchy know for certain, and we have little contact with them. There may be some rule of secrecy in this area: Those who seek contact with other worlds must earn the privilege by their own efforts. This is what the Scientists are attempting to do with their radio telescopes and other instruments. And Wizards are attacking the problem also, from a variety of angles: Flying spells, spying spells, and new types of portals, among others.

Recently a consortium of Wizards and Scientists have succeeded in placing instrument packages on the planet's nearer moon. The probes sent back a few pictures, along with data on the physical and magical conditions around the landing sites. Who knows what may come of this small beginning?

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