Bonny Doon, Santa Cruz County, California......

Looking south from 4000' above Bonny Doon with Santa Cruz and the Monterey Bay in the dfistance
The view above Bonny Doon airport south to Santa Cruz

View the Monterey and San Francisco Bay area from 200 miles up in space

            At 2,200 Feet AMSL, this part of Bonny Doon is a wonderful place to live. Typical of California, the summer is hot and dry. Daytime temperatures are typically in the 90's (F) at our elevation, with lows in the 70's (F). The winter brings rain, sleet and snow, but mild temperatures and calm sunny days also break up the winter months. During the winter of 1996/1997, we received just over 90 inches of rain. The 1997/98 winter surpassed that number, even the one set in 1983 (just over 110 inches). Our unofficial reading was just over 117 inches. Contrast this with the early 90's, when there was as little as 25 inches in the same period. When it does decide to rain, it pours!

            Bonny Doon is located about 12 miles north of the University of California, Santa Cruz. The closest town is Felton, down in the San Lorenzo Valley, home of the Henry Cowell redwoods and the Roaring Camp Railroad. There is a rich diversity of life in the Monterey Bay area. You can find out what the local forecast says, and what the current view down at the beach is. I find this is quite handy for letting me know what I should bring to town, because the temperature can be as much as 25 degrees lower or higher than it is up here.

            This is also earthquake country. The earth moves quite often here, but we don't feel it unless it is over about 3.5 on the Richter scale. Bonny Doon is located between fault lines, and is a fairly solid mountain (granite and sandstone), so we feel about as safe as one can feel here.

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