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  • welcome to the Station Rose Newsletter 05.

    This time I am the writer of the newsletter.
    I have a good reason for that. Station Rose just completed the studio-move to a new physical location. Busy weeks are behind us. We are @home in a building in the 16th&17th floor in Frankfurt since 4 weeks & we are BACK in the Net!
    We have an overview of the city in any direction - ensemble avec ISDN.
    A magic place. Analogue meets digital.

    After our "Digital Cocooning-Phase" having lasted for a year or so, Gary & me were thrown into RL on from spring.
    We had to leave cyberspace for so very analogue reasons. A funny reality, cause shortly before that moment happened, we got e-mail by JonathanE., a Microtimes journalist , sending the message:

    "Dont be so damn virtual" .

    We had to live so much time in RL. We had to morph our Frankfurt studio No.1 into the new one.
    WE MOVED real objects- computers, keyboards, modems, monitors, clothes, boots, books & shelves, carpets, tables, lamps, guitars, plants, papers,...) by hand.

    Meanwhile our newsletter-avatar Fett Tedget, who btw is more into analogue anyway, had the same thing going on->moving to a new place. These are the News from Frankfurt, btw- many interesting humans are moving these days- a big morph of habitats here. WE ARE THE FIRST ONES TO BE BACK !

    We are already working on broadcasting over the internet once a week in realtime
    and we updated our site.

    so please check it out!

    Until soon so, n-joy that hot summer 96 !
    Life is wonderful !

    Elisa Rose

    P.S.: I just got a phone call by fett 1 hour ago, and we fixed a meeting for next week.

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