1.5. Prom Night/ Ramona Street (2/8/96 - 11:00 pm)

We got to the Cyborganic Thursday Night Dinner, and found it in full swing. As the weeks have turned to months, casual get-togethers have turned to full-blown theme parties. This night was "High School Prom", and for the most part the crowd was doing the do, and looking the part.

Urbane, elegant, and toasted,
Todd Kerplemann & Drue Miller

Another pARTy/SCIENCE precept jumped to mind.

"Never give up on the good time thing, lest the good time thing gives up on you."

Cyborganic is a collectively-minded company, intent on expanding out from their website, and into the local community with the kind of attitude that they hope will play around the web as well as it does around the neighborhood. In fact, a whole bunch of Cyborganics live on the same block and are hooked up to the central T1 by ethernet cables running down the alley.

Cyborganic's founding father, so to speak, is Jonathan "Dr. Cheese" Steuer, who not coincidentally was dressed as the ultimate polyester chaperone. He and the fair Ms. Snarly are pictured in the shot below, surrounded by a bevy of cyborganic debs: Ellen, Olivia, Jane, Caterina, Kathryn, and Amy.

So, maybe you're asking what do Thursday Night Dinners and theme parties have to do with Digital Zeitgeist? Everything.

It's the people, stoopid.

If you're like a lot of people I know, you spend a good part of your day like the Ari Buddha here. Locked in.

Here we are; informed, deformed, synthesized, and rhapsodized by machines. But as a recent five day power outage in my neighborhood demonstrated, WE are the only uninterruptable power source here. If the geist of the time doesn't include a good time in real time, then pass me by, me cyborg pal. It's that pARTy/SCIENCE thing, I want to wrap my day in.

Circulation, Flirtation, Stimulation, and Recreation.

That's what rocks my socks.That's what keeps me moving. Bodies in space making time, having fun, enjoying each other, and turning it around. That's what keeps me out in front of the clock. Tough to leave when the energy's high. Over time though, I've learned to moderate myself some. Now, I'm not the last person to leave a good party, just close to the last. Grabbed Ms. Snarly's likeness on the way to the door, and cruised out into the night.

I don't know what happened in cyberspace on that recent Thursday. I wasn't there. I was slidin' stop signs in downtown cybertown though, and as far as I could see, all was very well indeed. Until next time...party like freakin' Einstein, why don't ya.

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