About U. G. Krishnamurti:

యు.జి. ని గురించి
(About U.G.)
[Telugu Translation by J. S. Subrahmanyam.]

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[All the works below are placed in their entirety and can be freely downloaded.]

1. Mystique of Enligtenment: 

[German Translation: by Ulla Inayat-Khan] 

2. Sage and the Housewife: 

3. Mind is a Myth: 

[German Translation: by Ulla Marten]

 [Polish Translation: by Cezary Wozcik]

4. Thought is Your Enemy: 

[German Translation: by Doris Baumgartner]

[Polish Translation: by Cezary Wózcik]

5. No Way Out: 

[Polish Translation: by Cezary Wózcik]

6. Courage to Stand Alone:

[Italian Translation: by Pierluigi Piazza]
German Translation: by Ulla Inayat-Khan]

[Polish Translation: by Cezary Wózcik

7. Science and U.G.: by Prof. O.S. Reddy  

8. Stopped in Our Tracks: by K. Chandrasekhar

Stopped in Our Tracks: Second Series

Stopped in Our Tracks: Third Series

9. U.G. Krishnamurti: A Life: by Mahesh Bhatt

10. A Taste of Death: by Mahesh Bhatt  

[ German Translation:]

11. Il Fiore Raro -- A Journal in Italian: by Pierluigi Piazzi

12.  UG's sayings in Italian by Federico Battistutta with an introduction

13. Also by Federico Battistutta: "U. G Krishnamurti: per una critica della ragione religiosa"

14. Natural Man -- A book of poetry on U.G.: by Larry Morris  

15. Poems on U.G.: by Dr. Sistla Sreedhav

 Also Second Series:

16. The Natural State: Compiled & Edited by Peter Maverick



1. U.G.'s First & Last Talk after Calamity:

[German Translation:]

[Italian Translation:]

2. Poems on U.G.: by Douglas Rosestone

3. "Science and Spirituality: by J.S.R.L.Narayana Moorty"  

  [German Translation:]

4. "A Response to `Science and Spirituality': by Dr. T.R. Seshagiri Rao" 

5. Thought, the Natural State and the Body: by Narayana Moorty

6. My Last Visit With UG: by Narayana Moorty

Italian Translation by Piazza Pierluigi

7. U.G.: Neither Knowledge Nor Wisdom: by Jean-Michel Terdjman

8. U.G.-- AN ENIGMA: by Brahmachari Siva Rama Sarma

9. Review of Natural Man -- A book of poetry on U.G.: by Larry Morris  

10. UG Art by
by Sajid Martin

11. Video Clip of U.G.: by Mark Uppaluri

12. Link to Videos of U.G.'s Interviews with Jeoffrey Mishlove:

13. Links to Streaming Video and Audio Conversations:

14. List of Books, Interviews, and References: