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Universal Thriving Wellness

A Vision of Social Flourishing in which All Life Coexists Adaptively and Cohesively across the Differences and Distinctions that are Authentically Natural to Them

For people, generally, their story of the universe and the role of people in the universe is their primary souce of intellligibility and value. The proper purpose of any human institution, rather business; government; or civil society, is to support people as productive, contributing, sharing members of a vibrant, prosperous, living Earth community–A living community creating the conditions essential to its own existence.

[David C. Korten: A New Story]

There are many ways HumanityLiving Society supports these intentions; however, David Korten asserts that the deepest crises experienced by any society are those moments of change when its story becomes inadequate for meeting the survival demands of a present situation–and that indications are that our species is in such a crisis situation. He further urges that "Our challenge, in the words of the Earth Charter...Let ours be a time remembered for awakening of a new reverence for life."
UTW is a vision of Living Society honoring such concepts and supporting thriving archetypes in the “Sacred Life and Living Earth" story–through enterprise models that are anchors in, and bridges to, emerging designs that preserve as sacred not only ancestral wisdom–but the essential  resources that are now exploited and must convert back to and remain the Commons.
As such, UTW intends to shift the frameworks of understanding and meaningfulness underlying what populations believe in (our "story") to emphasize all life as sacred and all resources as the Commons–rather than frameworks of exclusion emphasizing exploitation of lives and resources and producing the onerous and disadvantaging situations many populations struggle against. UTW is being conjured to demonstrate systems of thriving in designs of living that mature CivilizationCoexistence into genuinely "serving all" by enabling every way of bridging disconnects in people's understandings of meaningful and fulfilled living; and organizing communities as sanctuaries for the individual and collective distinctions spirited within them.
The UTW vision is being generated through the Maturity 1 campaign to redesign social development in just rather than privileging systemic designs; the UCCS consensus on life-serving standards and ways of living, and the Chevil Até Project network of UTW mapped communities.