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Maturity 1
Ten Sights
the Chevil Até Project

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Ten Sights
Developed by the Ten Sights Institute of Social Cohesion (TSiSC)

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The Scope of Living Endeavors Across Which Thriving Wellness is Mapped
in the Maturity 1 Campaign

The Ten Sights (TS) are the scope (ten primary and one auxiliary)of living endeavors across which Maturity 1 (Mat-1) is organized and UTW is monitored and developed. In each category Mat-1 embarks to establish the broadest reachable social consensus on defining and incubating thriving states and conditions of living for all life, and how these envisioned states of being may be distict for particular regions or populations.
TS originates from 1) the eight endeavor categories in the Peacewheel of Pathways To Peace; 2) the twelve arcologies in the Wheel of Cocreation established by the Co-Creative Society; and 3) the SynCon created by Barbara Marx Hubbard, and they translate into the following aspirations and potentials to be modeled in the Maturity 1 campaign:

  • to inclusively establish context, meaning, and vision (1@) for what to strive toward, collectively as society, and compile the spectrum of understandings; principles; and values (7@) that are consensually adopted to guide designs and constructs for living within the observed society,
  • to explore and educate (6@) ourselves on requirements for cohesively enduring within these designs, and define the protocols (8@) by which to decide upon options that are discovered,
  • to exercise practices (9@) suited to the varieties of temperament and nature existing among us, and accommodate the distinctions of cultural identification and exercise (4@) that are individually chosen, which universally maintain health and safety in every category of wellness (2@),
  • to cultivate cooperatively aligned relationships(5l) that maintain thriving conditions of individual and collective development and existence, and
  • to responsibly utilize the resources provided by our environments and habitats (3@), and employ life-serving science and technologies (10@) in these interests.