Sustainability Consciousness

Conference Participants


Ralph Abraham

retired UCSC professor of mathematics specializing in fluid dynamics, author of the recent book, Chaos, Gaia and Eros, and co-author of Trialogues with Terence McKenna and Rupert Sheldrake.

Rebecca Adamson
Cherokee, founder and president of the First Nations Development Institute, advocate for tribal issues nationally, board member of Calvert Social Investment Fund, and advisor to the U.N. on labor and indigenous rights.

Andra Akers
founder and president of the International Synergy Institute, a multidisciplinary think tank, author of the forthcoming book, Conversations with Ollie.

Carl Anthony
President of Earth Island Institute, chair of the East Bay Conversion and Reinvestment Commission, and director of its Urban Habitat Program. Background in urban design and architecture.

Allan Hunt Badiner
writer, editor of Dharma Gaia--A Harvest of Essays in Buddhism and Ecology, regular contributor to Yoga Journal, consulting editor of Tricycle magazine, and board member of Rainforest Action Network,

Andrew Beath
founder of EarthWays, projects of Earth Trust Foundation--a catalyst for personal & global awareness and social & environmental activism, and board member of the Threshold Foundation.

Steve Beck
farmer, director of the environmental design project at Esalen Institute.

Mirabai Bush
social activist, director of the Guatemala Project and the Compassionate Action Project for the Seva Foundation, co-author of Compassion in Action: Setting Out on the Path of Service with Ram Dass.

Andre Carothers
director of Team Rainforest, columnist for E magazine, board member of California Institute of Integral Studies, Rainforest Action Network, and Greenpeace. Carothers recently visited India, and filed this report.

Brother David Steindl-Rast
internationally recognized bridge-builder between spiritual traditions, Benedictine monk, and author of several books, including the recent The Ground We Share, with Robert Aitken.

Christina Desser
Environmental attorney, executive dirextor of Earth Day 1990, director of the Migratory Species Project, board member of Whole Earth Review, Rainforest Action Network, and Mother Jones Magazine.

Mark Dowie
investigative journalist, former editor of Mother Jones Magazine. magazine, author of the forthcoming Losing Ground: American Environmentalism at the Close of the Twentieth Century.

Barbara Dudley
attorney, social activist, and executive director of Greenpeace, USA.

Joan Halifax
Buddhist teacher and anthropologist ,founder of Ojai Foundation, director of the Upaya Foundation, director of the Project on Being With Dying (The Metta Project), and author of many books, most recent of which is The Fruitful Darkness

Paul Hawken
founder of Erewhon Natural Foods, and co-founder of Smith & Hawken, author of Growing a Business, the recent Ecology of Commerce: A Declaration of Sustainability, and the forthcoming Natural Capitalism.

Mark Hertsgaard
journalist, media critic, author of The Men and Money Behind Nuclear Energy, On Bended Knee: The Press and the Reagan Presidency, A Day in the Life,, the soon to be completed book, Leaving Too Soon, an investigation of the global ecological prospect, and a recent New York Times article, Global Warning.

Bill Joy
founder, Sun Microsystems.

Joshua Karliner
Joshua Karliner is executive director of the Environment-Business Bureau and a member of the Political Ecology Group in San Francisco. He is currently writing a book on global corporations and the environment.

Jay Michael Levin
founder and editor of the L.A. Weekly, and the forthcoming alternative cable television station, Planet Central.

Amory Lovins
world expert on energy efficiency and sustainability, research director of Rocky Mountain Institute, co-author with Hunter Lovins, Ernst von Weizsaecker, and Paul Hawken of the forthcoming book Factor Four (on the practicality and profitability of quadrupling resource efficiency across the board).

Terence McKenna
ethnobotanist, mythmaker, shamanic historian, author of three recent books: Food of the Gods, Archaic Revival, and True Hallucinations, co-founder of Botanical Dimensions.

Miquel A. Reynal
president of the Educational Center on Sustainability (ECOS) in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Cathrine Sneed
director of The Garden Project and founder of the horticultural program for the San Francisco County Jail where, in an eight-acre garden, prisoners grow produce using biodynamic methods.

Betsy Taylor
director of the Merck Family Fund, conference planner, Redefining the American Dream.

Nina Wise
performance artist who creates autobiographical and fictional pieces, honored with seven Bay Area Critics' Circle awards.

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