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What's New - Volume VIII, Number 1

We're Back!

It's Easier to ask for Forgiveness than for Permission

It has been a darn long time since the Web of Addictions has been tended to. I'd like to ask for your indulgence, life just got in the way. 

However, I'm making a renewed commitment to the site, and will be getting it completely shipshape over the next several weeks. Bear with me as this work takes place. The Web of Addictions is back!

What About You?

I am most interested in learning about the people who visit this site. Could you make a commitment to email me when you reach this What's New" page, and let me know who the readers are. You don't have to send a biography or C.V., just a short note telling me your name and email address, how you found the site, and what you hope the Web of Addictions will provide for you. 

Send your reply to Dick Dillon. (Yes just click and send!)

The Future

Future plans for the Web of Addictions include the introduction of bulletin boards and chat rooms for those interested in addiction issues. We also plan to increase our list of resources dramatically, through our Practice Partnerships Program. This allows addiction professionals to promote themselves in a tasteful way, and to support the Web of Addictions as well. 

If you have suggestions for additional features which might be included here, please let us know.

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