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What's New - October 1, 1996

Tramadol is in the spotlight

There has been a lot of interest in the pain killing medication, Tramadol, which is being marketedunder the trade name of Ultram (TM). Here are a few links that might get you up to speed on thismedicine

The Medical Sciences Bulletin (April, 1995)notes that "The manufacturer claims that the drug is less likely than nonsteroidalantiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to cause serious gastrointestinal side effects and less likelythan opioids to produce physical dependence. "

A newsletter published by the Blanchard Valley (OH) Regional Health Center in May, 1996, contains the information that "More than one hundred incidents of adverseevents described as drug abuse, dependence, withdrawal, or intentional overdose have beenreported."

Also the U.S. Food and Drug Administration , in a June, 1996 bulletin, noted that "Since Ultram wasapproved March 3, 1995, FDA has received 115 reports of drug abuse, dependence, withdrawalsymptoms, and intentional overdose by people taking the drug."

Obviously, this information should be of importance to physicians and other clinicians,particularly those working with recovering drug abusers, and to those in recoverythemselves.

Comprehensive Tobacco Web Site!

Anyone with an interest in tobacco issues should go immediately to the excellent Tobacco BBS . Gene Borio has compiled an impressiveamount of information regarding tobacco marketing strategies (some of this will shock you.), health and prevention information, as well as updates on many legal actions involving cigarettemanufacturers. Find out if some of your favorite candidates in the upcoming elections are beingsupported by the tobacco lobby! Congratulations to Gene on the development of a truly usefulsite!

Glue Manufacturing and Human Suffering

Interesting and disturbing information about glue sniffing in Central and South America can befound at The PropagandaPage of the Disinformation Network . Read how the younger generation south of the U.S.border is being affected by "glue for shoes".

Rohypnol Update

For the latest information on the so-called "date rape drug" check out the Vital U.S. Statistics andFacts Page Even the Rec.Drugs FAQ isn't fond ofRoofies!

Buddhism and Psychedelics

The fifth anniversary edition of Tricycle: A BuddhistReview is devoted almost exclusively to the relationship of Buddhist practice and the use ofdisassociative drugs such as LSD, yage, and peyote. A mixed bag of information, withone of the best (IMHO-DD) pieces written by 'netizen J ohn Perry Barlow (Liberty and LSD). Check this out!
Dual Diagnosis Credentialed Listserve
This is an unmoderated, credentialed list for the discussion of theory, practice, programdevelopment, research and improved services for persons who have dual/multiple disorders ofmental illness, drug addiction and/or alcoholism (MIDAA)
To subscribe,
1. Send email to:
in the body of the message include the following:
subscribe DUALDIAG your full name

You will receive further instructions
You may also subscribe to the Dual Diagnosis credentialed listserv at the Dual Diagnosis Website at URL, or URL

What's New - September 1, 1996

Web of Addictions Receives Award

The Web of Addictions received the MentalHealth Nets four starrating. The four star rating is their highest rating indicating that the site is " Excellent, one of thebest sites on the Webfor this resource." We are grateful to Mental Health Net for this honor.

1995 U.S. Household Survey Shows Increased Teen Drug Use

The 1995 National HouseholdSurvey on Drug Abusefound that past month drug use, primarily marijuana, among youth age 12-17 increased from6.0% in 1994 to 8.2% in1995. Overall drug use remained fairly constant from 1994 to 1995. The study reported 12.6million regular drug usersin 1994 and 12.8 million in 1995. Because this is an election year, these findings will no doubtproduce responses frommost politicians. The JoinTogether Online newssummary page is a great place to track developments, or use one of the on line newsservices that allow searchessuch as the WashingtonPost.

New Jersey Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

The New Jersey Council onAlcoholism and DrugAbuse web site has an excellent news summary service and public policy resources inaddition to informationabout the organization.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Net

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Net (DATNet) is an information resource forprofessionals in the fields of substance abuse and chemical dependency. Thisinformation resource is provided by Haight Ashbury Free Clinics. Among other features this sitehas excellent factsheets on Rohypnol andNaltrexone

Internet and Computer Addictions

People keep asking us about it, so here it is: A Guide to Internet /Computer Addictions. Wedon't know if this is real,made up or a joke. This may be the realization of Stanton Peele's diseasing in cyberspace or theultimatebastardization of the term addiction. We do know that some people spend far too much time andmoney in cyberspaceto the detriment of other areas of their lives.

Do you have a computer addiction? Take the on line Survey of ComputerAddiction and contribute toour knowledge of this problem.

If you pass the test you may want to check the Centerfor OnlineAddiction. This page features an online survey of internet addiction.

Need help for IAD. Go to an online support group, of course.
To subscribe to the internet addiction Support Group Address, send e-mail to:
Subject: (leave blank)
Message:Subscribe i-a-s-g

Ivan Goldberg, MD has written a DSM-like description of IAD diagnostic criteria.

Here is another list of Internet AddictionSigns andSymptoms

Check Margaret A. Shotton's The Costs andBenefits of 'Computer Addiction'.

See Confessions of an InternetAddict for one woman'sstory.

Michael Beard has written Addi ction to Computers: Virtual Communities and the Individual.

Jason Snell's masters thesis, Turn On, Log In,Drop Out: The social world of the Internet discusses excessive internet use, especiallyMUDS and IRC.

Ben Blakley, a seventh grader at Bayside Public School wrote a pretty good piece on internetaddiction called Mouse Potatoes

Scott Yanoff wrote a funny but may be too true A Day in theLife of a Computer Addict .

For more humor try NetaholicsAnonymous

Internet JunkiesAnonymous is a parody of othertwelve step groups, I think.

Timothy Leary distinguished between a symbiotic partnership and an addiction in Personal Computers / PersonalFreedom.

Finally, Angus McIntyre gives us You know you'rean Internet addict when...

Okay I'll admit it. I spend far too much time on e-mail, but so does everyone else.

Oxford House

Oxford House is a self-run, self-supportedhousing program forindividuals recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction. Oxford Houses assure an alcohol anddrug-free livingenvironment. Every State in the country is required by the Federal Alcohol and Drug AbuseBlock Grant to establish arevolving fund to help start houses based on the Oxford House model. This web site providesdetailed informationabout The Oxford House model, information on how to start an Oxford house and a Directory ofexisting houses.

AMA Resources

The American Medical Association has put together a very complete list of the telephone numbers of organizations andresources related toaddictions. This page does not contain any internet accessible information.

New Links

There is a new mailing list for controlled drinking:CD - (Controlled Drinking)
The list is a list devoted to discussionof controlled drinking and controlled drug use. It is designed for researchers, clinicians and thelay public..
To subscribe, send email to:
in the body of the message include the following:
SUBSCRIBE CD yourfirstname yourlastname

What's New - August 1, 1996 (Digest)

New Gambling Mailing List

A list to "provide a forum for workers, consumers, and supporters involved in dealing with issuescreated by problem and compulsive gambling." - send email to . Include the message info problem-gambling Or contact Manfred Rapp at

SOLUTION: Support Mailing List and Website

SOLUTION is a support and self-help mailing list for creating life changes. Sample topicsinclude changing habits, moods, behaviors, and addictions

To subscribe, send an email request to: LISTSERV@SJUVM.STJOHNS.EDU and in the body of the message, write: subscribe SOLUTION Your NameThere is also a SOLUTION Web Page . The URL is

Clinical Trials Posted

From Reid Hester and Harold D. Delaney - results of research on the topic ofBehavioral Self Control. Posted at Martin Briscoe s website .Martin is the moderator for the computers in mental health discussion group on the net.

Stanton Peele on the Web

A web site regarding the work of Dr. Stanton Peele can be accessed at Among otherthings you will find Peele s curriculum vitae, an online library, and an extensive list of hiswritings.

Beat the Cops!

Strategies on the Internet describing strategies for beating drug tests. Results not guaranteed!Presented for those who are interested in what it means to "go to any lengths" to get away withsomething. The site can be accessed at

Online Book Examines A.A.

MoreRevealed: A Critical Analysis of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve StepMovement is online. Critical indeed, analysis maybe. We noted line one of chapter onesuggests A.A. was founded in 1989 - hope other information is a little more accurate!

New Links in August

The Bralove Group provides information fortreatment providers aimed at successful reimbursement for services rendered.

The EAP of Tucson website - - great resource list.

The Links to Psychological Journals site.

PsychNews International .

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