What's New - January 1, 1999

Drug Use Eases Among Teens for Second Consecutive Year
Illicit drug use among teenagers remained stable for the second year in a row, and in some cases even decreased, according to the 24th annual Monitoring the Future Survey. The 1998 survey of drug use among adolescents found general stability among the proportion of 12th graders using most illicit drugs in the past year or past month, including the most frequently used drug, marijuana. There were also important decreases this year in 10th graders' use of marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes, and among 8th graders, the survey indicates evidence of a gradual decline in drug use over the past two years.

24 Straight - March 24, 1999
On March 24, 1999, all day long, all across America, community-wide events will celebrate the power of prevention and the reality of recovery. Information, education and good times will be the hallmark of 24Straight.

For the first time ever, a major nationwide event, 24Straight, will be planned from start to finish on the world Wide Web. Get involved, share your ideas and get more information at the 24Straight web site.

Clinton Calls for National .08 BAC Legal Limit
In his weekly radio address on December 26, President Clinton urged Congress to impose a uniform .08 percent blood-alcohol standard for drunk driving across the U.S. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a web site devoted to this issue, the .08 BAC Limit. The site contains information on the .08 inititive, a summary of the science that supports this effort, and a detailed list of actions needed to make the .08 inititive a reality.

Is it worth passing? Estimates are that simply establishing a .08 legal limit would reduce alcohol-related highway deaths by 500-600 per year which would result in an economic cost savings of about $1.5 billion. Sounds worth while to me.

Free Inhalant Prevention Video
The National Inhalant Prevention Coalition has made available a free inhalant prevention video designed for adults - especially parents. It comes with a brochure " A Parents' Guide to Preventing Inhalant Abuse."

To get a copy email them at nipc@io.com or call them at 800/269-4237.

Eating Disorders and Addiction
"Eating Disorders and Addiction" appears in the Psychiatric Times. It explores the neurobiological link, various treatment options, and comorbidity of the two disorders. A thorough review of the existing literature as well as a metaanalysis and extensive bibliography is included.

Psychological Trauma and Substance Abuse in Women
Studies have found that women with histories of psychological trauma (including posttraumatic stress, dissociation and other psychiatric disorders linked to psychological trauma) often develop alcohol and drug abuse. The link between traumatic stress and substance abuse in women is just beginning to be explored in research and treatment settings. This website attempts to bring together in one place current information on this subject; for the women affected as well as the clinicians and researchers who are working to help them.

NIDA Goes to School
The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has a new web site for students and teachers, NIDA Goes to School.

JTO Direct
Now, with JTO Direct, you can get substance abuse related national news, funding news and grant announcements delivered to you via a daily or weekly piece of email. Free.

JTO Direct is a service of Join Together, a national resource center based at the Boston University School of Public Health.

New Links
Alcohol Recovery Workbook
Craig Medical - offers wholesale pricing on drug and alcohol screening tests direct to the public.

Speakers Wanted
We recently recieved the following request:

I am the secretary for an all women's AA speaker's meeting held in San Diego, CA.

I would like English speaking women who are interested in telling their story, ( from all over the world and USA) ,and might be visiting the San Diego Area, to consider being a guest speaker at the Girls Nite Out meeting!

Please e-mail any info you might have to BrookNwsm@aol.com.

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