What's New - January 15, 1998

The Media Awareness Project

Looking for a wide variety of up-to-the-minute media articles on drug issues? You've come to the right place! MAP stands for Media Awareness Project. Their slogan is "Moving the Discourse on Drugs from Hysteria to Sanity and Humanity". Certainly to the extent that self-education contributes to sanity, they must be right. A recent visit found 31 articles posted in a single day, on topics as diverse as Reassessing Drug Education, the inquiry into the shooting of a teenager by boder guards trying to stifle drug smuggling into the U.S. from Mexico, agricultural hemp, and medical marijuana. Don't miss this site!

Addiction Resource Guide

Polly Waldman and her associates have put the Addictions Resource Guide online. Detailed information about treatment programs around the globe can be found here. A good resource for those seeking help.

Recovery Watch

Cliff Walker provides many links to Rational Recovery sites, along with a healthy helping of editorials at Recovery Watch.

It's Magic!

Well, maybe there is nothing "magic" about recovery, but Don Parker sure thinks it's "magical". Don takes the show on the road to entertain and inform young people.

Making it Work!

MSJ Communications Corporation was created by the Betty Ford Center and intends to be "recognized throughout the world as the technological leader in alcohol and other drug dependency treatment", to "remain on the "cutting edge" of research and development" and to "keep pace with the rapid changes in health care delivery". They have an attractive and content rich site outlining their various services.

Are You Kidding Me?

Another take on Internet Addiction from Jesse Berst at ZDnet. Interesting point of view.

Welcome to the Gallery

View images of Prescription Drug Advertising over the years at this site, entitled "The American Gallery of Psychiatric Art.


The Narcotics Anonymous World Service Office has a colorful and informative new web site.

The Mining Company scores again, bringing a content-rich Substance Abuse area, complete with a professional guide!

Sprung from the Summer of Love when it started to unravel, the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic has continued to help San Fransicans with drug and HIV problems. Now we can all benefit from their sponsorship of the INTERNATIONAL ADDICTIONS INFOLINE, an electronic newsletter on addictions.

Psychiatric Times provides a list of in-house resources addressing a variety of substance abuse and mental health topics.

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