What's New - January 1, 1997

Special Conference Offer

As a special, internet based pre-conference offer, get 1/2 off the registration fee to the 23rd Annual Advanced Winter Symposium on the Treatment of Addictive Disorders in Colorado Springs, CO - Feb. 3 - 7, 1997. Send your name, address(es) and telephone number to Dick Dillon for details. A savings of $200 on a perenially excellent conference!

Project MATCH

Read the official NIAAA press release on the results of Project MATCH. Unfortunately, the results of this study are not available online. Be sure to read the article in the January 1997 issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol.This project has stirred up a lot of controversy among the online alcohol and drug abuse community. Subscribe to the list, ADDICT-L , to get involved in the discussion.
To subscribe to ADDICT-L, send email to:
in the body of the message include the following:
subscribe ADDICT-L Your Name

Tobacco and Smoking

We have updated our Tobacco section with some of the best links to information on smoking and tobacco:

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