What's New - March 15, 1998

Day by Day

Shelly Marshall wrote the "Day by Day" book many years ago. It appears she has found ways to keep herself busy.

Moyers on Addiction: Close(r) to Home

It's almost time for Bill Moyers' TV special on addictions airing March 29-31 (Check local listings for time ofbroadcast.)  The three-part series presents the perspective of scientists explaining how drugs change the brain;  individuals and families who have been overwhelmed by nicotine, alcohol, or drug addiction; people in recovery and the professionals who guided them; and the innovative school and community programs that are helping families break the cycle of addiction.

The series will also be supported by a Web site entitled "Close to Home Online,"  which willfeature real-life stories about addiction from people in recovery, articles on the science and treatment of addiction, animated illustrations of the effects of drugs on the brain and the body, essays and editorials, a resource section with information on where to get help and a bulletin board.

PBS has produced six educationalguides available free in PDF format.

KCPT-TV  in Kansas City,Missouri has an excellent web site for this series.  Their extensive list of resources includes the Web of Addictions.

This show was featured on PBSTEACHER CONNEX


History of Addiction Medicine

Thomas L. Haynes, M.D. put this analysis of physicians' roles in addiction treatmenttogether 10 years ago. Most of it is older historical information and thus still viable.

Behind Bars

An insightful look at the issues regarding drugs, drinking and incarceration. From CASA - the summary and first chapter of this book are currently online.


Smoking Kills More

There are compelling arguments for treating nicotine addiction concurrently with other drug addictions. This site gives the reasons.


Could this ubiquitous plant really work as an herbal remedy for alcoholism. Here's more.

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