What's New - June 15, 1998

Withdrawal Symptoms

A reader recently asked if there were any comprehensive sites for information on drug withdrawal. Certainly there are a lot of "fact sheets" in the many links we have assembled at the Web of Addictions. Admittedly, it is difficult to find a single assemblage of information in one place. However, we are always up for some research, and have come up with a few links that might be of help.

New Webring

An N.A. Webring has been established, and is looking for more sites. There are only six member sites at the moment, but we predict many more will be added in the not-too-distant future!

United Nations Drug Summit

The United Nations recently convened a special summit on the World Drug Problem. Experts met from June 8 - 10, 1998 at U.N. Headquarters. Visit the UNDCP site for more information. Speakers included both the U.S. and French Presidents, and there were even live webcasts of some of the proceedings. A few groups are already criticizing the participants for failing to place a greater emphasis on treatment.

UCSF Center Opens

The University of California, San Francisco recently announced the inauguration of a new Center for the Neurobiology of Addictions. Director Robert Malenka describes the Center thus: "The purpose of the center is to foster innovative, creative and collaborative approaches to understanding the biological basis of addiction. This campus has a long tradition of interdisciplinary and collaborative research." Among hoped for results: important new advances leading to workable hypotheses of the mechanisms of drug addiction and more effective treatments.

Nic Net

The Arizona program for Nicotine and Tobacco Research brings out a fancy and fact-filled web sit called Nic Net. Visitors will be treated to a fancy site, and a lot of information on topics such as second-hand smoke, tobacco news, and how to quit smoking.

Last But Not Least

I've stumbled across another site that addresses Computer (Internet) Addiction. Review the symptoms if you dare! I had one of those borderline scores myself.

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