What's New - June 15, 1999

Support Systems - Part II
WOA's "What's New" is currently focusing on support systems. Sometimes for a while, sometimes for life, people utilize various community based support systems to assist with recovery from addiction. We think that the community support networks that exist worldwide are incredibly good examples of people helping themselves and helping each other. We are examining all of the best known support systems for recovering people (and their family and friends). SOS, Rational Recovery, Women for Sobriety, Al-Anon, even Moderation Management will be covered. If you are interested in finding a support group, you should find help here.

The Other Anonymouses
We discussed Alcoholics Anonymous last month, but there are a few other programs based on the principles of AA, and particularly the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Let's take a look at some of these programs now.

The Next To Arise
Most certainly, the next organization to arise following the success of A.A. would be Narcotics Anonymous. NA started about 50 years ago, and is a good example of things working and not working at the same time. Many narcotics addicts were (still are!) exhorted to attend Alcoholics Anonymous in the hopes that the program that had helped so many successfully give up drinking, might also work on other drug addictions. Problem was, these "junkies" weren't always welcome at A.A., and didn't always feel like they fit in even when welcome. (Read more on NA history here). Thus was born the next "XA" program. Steady growth has made N.A. a great force in the recovery field. Of course, like many other support groups, NA has found the Web as well, and on-line meetings are now available!

Anonymous Help with Other Drugs
In a flush of fine tuning, other "Anonymous" Groups have sprung up related to specific drugs. CA or Cocaine Anonymous is probably the next best known after the aforementioned groups, A.A. and N.A. There are also formal structures for Nicotine Anonymous, Marijuana Anonymous and and even a program for prescription drugs. Each of these programs has a good web site - most with searchable lists of meetings. We encourage you to visit these sites.

"Process" Addictions

Other problem behaviors have also been addressed by adapting the Alcoholics Anonymous program. Although not drug addictions per se, these are destructive behavioral patterns with similarities to substance dependency. Some researcher posit that brain chemistry changes related to the behaviors are similar to those which occur when drugs are ingested. Whatever the truth, these programs exist as a way to be of help to those who are afflicted.

Check out

Oh, and by the way (as I write this at 12:30 in the morning) don't forget Workaholics Anonymous

More Resources Than You Could Hope For
This should give you a good idea of how many twelve step resources there are on line. By the way, don't forget the Usenet newsgroups either. These include

More To Come!
Don't forget, over the next several weeks we will post more information on recovery options of all types. Bookmark this page and check back frequently!

New Links

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