What's New - June 1, 1997

Tobacco Agreement

Read all about the historic agreement with the tobacco industry and the state attorneys general at the ASH website. This site includes the full text of the agreement and many discussion and comment pieces. Tell me, does the beverage alcohol industry think this won't happen to them?

Mandatory Drug Sentences are less Effective than Treatment

A new study by the Rand Drug Policy Research Center shows that mandatory sentencing is considerably less effective than treatment at reducing drug use. A brief report "Are Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences Cost-Effective?" is available on the web.

Online Treatment Resource Database

National Directory of Drug Abuse and Alcoholism Treatment and Prevention Programs -- This searchable data base contains listings of alcohol and drug abuse treatment and prevention services throughout the United States. The listing is a new addition to The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information web site.

Drug Court

The U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs has developed a Drug Court page which contains an overview of the drug court program, a grant application kit and a select bibliography.

You may also want to check out the Summary Assessment of the Drug Court Experience prepared by the Drug Court Clearinghouse and Technical Assistance Project.

You can read about drug court experiences in Florida, Delaware, and North Carolina.

New Links

Check the TREND web site for information on youth and prevention resources.

ShaunW pointed us to his NA in Australia site. In addition to links and information about NA this site also includes meeting and referral information for Australia.

The National Commission Against Drunk Driving (NCADD) is a nonprofit organization of private and public sector leaders who are dedicated to minimizing the human and economic losses resulting from motor vehicle crashes by working to make driving impaired a socially unacceptable act.

The Washington State Association of Independent Outpatient Providers has an interesting web site for professional counselors.

Gamblers Anonymous has a new page.

Recovery Alternatives offers links to a variety of non-A.A. recovery resources.

Thun told us about his nice recovery oriented home page.

Signs of Sobriety is a self help organization for recovering people who are deaf.

National Inhalant Prevention Coalition is a nonprofit organization which provides inhalant prevention and resource information, as well as an 800 number hot line for inhalant treatment referral. Web information is also available en Espanol. We have also added this organization to the Web of Addictions rolodex page.

The Nevada Addiction Technology Transfer Center has a web page with abstracts of recent articles. Regular review of this site is a great way to keep up with the literature.

Dalene Entenmann pointed us to Letters at Dawn, a resource and information journal of healing and hope offering encouragement and support to the family members affected by alcoholism and other addictions.

Fact Sheet Additions

The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy has published a new list of street terms for drugs.

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