What's New - July 15, 1998

Recovery Connection

There's a new kid in town, and he's packin'! The Recovery Connection hit the ground running this month. The home page notes that "Recovery Connection is an online service for individuals interested in or recovering from alcoholism, alcohol abuse, and related substance or emotional dependencies. We also provide extensive supplemental information and tools for codependents and adult children of alcoholics." This is a good looking, well designed web site with many features. The bulletin board section currently had nine topics with over 300 messages posted at my most recent visit (7/14/98). There is a series of online assessment questionnaires, including the CAGE test, a twelve question assessment which I believe comes from an AA pamphlet, and the National Council on Alcoholism 26 question screen. You can also view the FAQs section of the site with extensive information

I had to sign up as a member when I first visited the site, and I guess you will, too. It is unclear what is going to happen next, but I was informed that I had a 21 day free membership, and that no credit card information was needed right now (my emphasis). This suggests that there might be plans afoot to make this a fee-based membership site. I will try to get more information on this by corresponding with the site-keepers. The company listed in the disclaimer is Murray Hill Communications. An initial cursory search of the web didn't turn up any additional information to enlighten me, but I did note a story on one of the bulletin boards that suggested the company is rather analogous with the web site. Hopefully, my email will bring me more information.

If this is not a "pay-for-membership" site I would give it my initial whole-hearted support. There are lots of features here for people in recovery and those who support them. Obviously, if a fee is charged down the road, the size of the fee might have an impact on my interest. As a guide for The Mining Co. on their St. Louis, MO and Buddhism sites, I know that you can get many of the features (chat, bulletin boards, information) offered by the Recovery Connection at TMCs Alcoholism, Mental Health Resources and Substance Abuse special interest areas. Still, if I were you I would check out the Recovery Connection for at least the 21 day trial. I think you will like what you see!

More on The New Prevention Initiative

The Partnership For a Drug-Free America is one of the main groups collaborating on the new ONDCP Drug Prevention Strategy. We alerted you about this last edition. Now visit the PFDFA website and see what they have to say about this initiative. One early critic wrote, basically, that the government needs to remember that hard data is not well transmitted via advertising, only broad concepts. People who see Anheuser Busch ads get the message that the company (and it's products) are hip and fun. Does the new strategy get a concept across? What do you think? I will be happy to print some outtakes from your e-mail responses next month.

Offsetting Alcohol Ads

At last someone is using the Web to leverage response in opposition to alcohol advertising. A visit to the Center on Alcohol Advertising will give hope to anyone who feels that breweries and distillers spending millions and millions of dollars have a slight edge on those with a prevention message targeting young people. The site talks about local and national issues, has an extensive library of reprintable articles and charts which can be used in media advocacy efforts, and describes current initiatives which you can join.

Paradigm Magazine

Read articles from this addiction treatment oriented magazine at the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery website. If you prefer your magazines in hard copy format, you can apply for a free subscription here as well.

New Links

The StressDoc. What's so funny about therapy? Find out here.

Common Sense Page. From the National PTA. Strategies for raising alcohol- and drug-free kids.

Legal Drug Pushers. A not-so-polite look at the pharmaceutical industry from Mother Jones online.

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