What's New - July 1, 1997

Marijuana, It's Baaaack!

The controversy over the damaging effects of marijuana has been raging for years, and is most specific around the issue of pot's role in facilitating use decisions and addiction to "more serious" drugs. The positions: Marijuana use is a definite precursor to the use of other drugs vs. there is no reason to fear that your pot smoking child will move on to crack cocaine. The latest entry into the research fray is likely to be a recent study based on work from the Scripps Research Institute and the Instituto Complutense de Drogodependencias at the University of Madrid, Spain, and published in this weeks issue of Science . The study focuses on a brain chemical called CRF, corticotropin-releasing factor, and concludes that long-term marijuana use produces changes in brain chemistry which may make it more likely that the user would become addicted to other drugs in the future. Let the counterattacks begin!

HBO Tackles Addiction

HBO has developed a three part special report on The Faces of Addiction. Part I of the series premiered last month, Part II starts July 2 at 10 pm Eastern time, and the final part will debut in August. Thereafter, the network plans to continue to show the entire series from time to time.

Is There a Doctor in the House?

An America Online interview with Dr. Bob Borucki of Columbia Healthcare Systems.

Treatment Effectiveness White Paper

The Office of National Drug Control Policy has posted their white paper on treatment effectiveness. The study is designed to report on the "state of the science of measurement of drug abuse treatment services outcome and to guide future research efforts, after carefully considering relevant clinical and health services research experience."

Choosing a Program

The Addiction Resource Center presents a paper on How To Choose the Right Program. This document lists a rationale to use when deciding between outpatient and residential care. Now, if we can only get the managed care companies to read this.......

Included late last month: Dalene Entenmann pointed us to Letters at Dawn, a resource and information journal of healing and hope offering encouragement and support to the family members affected by alcoholism and other addictions.

New Links

The Mining Company - Addiction Related Pages:

The Mining Company project aims to "take back the 'net" by providing guide-monitored content rich sites on a variety of topics. Among the sites of interest to WOA readers are Alcoholism, Mental Health, and Quit Smoking. By the way, I (DD) am the guide for St. Louis Missouri information. Stop by any of these sites, and if you have a chance, let the guides know I sent you.

Also Christine Rowley, who guides the afore mentioned Quit Smoking site for The Mining Company, is proprietress of the No Smoke Cafe. Lots of help, advice, support, and Java Chat for those who are quitting the weed.

Physicians for Prevention provides links, fact sheets and abstracts of screening information that will be of use to those interested in successfully dealing with addiction.

A beginners dictionary of AA terms can be found at the Camel-lot run by Kurtis Karr. Thanks, Kurt for the note!

Fact Sheet Additions

The Connecticut Clearing House has a group of fact sheets on a wide variety of topics, including many drug links and information about growing up healthy.

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