What's New - October 1, 1997

Site of the Month!

Robert Chapman, from LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA USA provides a valuable set of definitions and links to sites highlighting current therapeutic approaches showing promising interventions for alcohol and other drug problems. Visit Robert's site to find out more about CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Relapse Prevention and more. This could be a primer for counselors new to the field and experienced as well.

Alcohol and Violence

Did you know that there is a link between alcohol consumption and violence? Of course you did. Here are some facts from California to back up the theory.

Consumption Graph

Graphic image shows most beer consumed is not taken "in moderation".

Alcoholism Definition

The Intervention Center gives an expande version of NCADA's definiton.

Gingerly Stepping Into Sensationalism

The events of a few weeks ago, surrounding the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, should provide impetus for years to come in the consideration of drunken driving, workplace substance abuse and many other related issues. Was Henri Paul, the driver, driving under the influence? Did people know he was being treated for alcoholism? Could the tragedy have been avoided? Here are a few spots to look at if you are interested in these issues:

Onlinepsych Links

44 links to a variety of Web resources about addiction.

Reading List

Our Children are Alcoholics and other related books are available at Islewest Publishing. Local (St. Louis) Men's Issues phenom Chris Frey has a couple of books on this site.

HBO Update

HBO and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's three part special report on The Faces of Addiction has now been aired. As a follow up, community groups can obtain an action pack to assist in bringing this important information to even more homes.

Whither Harm Reduction

The Harm Reduction Coalition would like to answer the question: What is Harm Reduction?. Find out the answer, and more on this sometimes controversial topic at their site.

New Links

Intellihealth News From Johns Hopkins includes information on addiction, Men's and Women's Health, Fitness and Nutrition and more. We link there via an article entitled "Alcohol, Drugs Up Violent Death Risk"

Another on-line periodical is Steps, a recovery oriented 'zine worth checking out!

Thanks to friend rhiannen in Georgia we were able to find the AA schedule monster site headquartered in Erie PA. This has links to meeting listings in virtually every state. Travelling? Go here first and Travelocity second.

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