What's New - November 1, 1996

In Memoriam: Remembering Harold E. Hughes

No Smoking Policies and Teen Treatment

A recent study by Judith Kempf and Ava Stanley published in the Journal of AddictiveDiseases showed that there were no differences in dropout rate between adolescents in eithera strict tobacco free program or a program that allowed smoking in designated areas. This studyis important because many people have said that prohibitting children from smoking wouldincrease treatment dropout. Kempf and Stanley have shown that this is not true.
Kempf J., & Stanley, A. Impact of tobacco-free policy on recruitment and retention ofadolescents in residential substance abuse treatment. Journal of Addictive Diseases,15(2), 1-11, 1996.

Indiana Prevention Resource Center

Indiana Prevention Resource Center is aclearinghouse for prevention technical assistance and information about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. This is one of the best sites on the web foronline information. The site includes these excellent fact sheets:

Drug Info

The Publishers Group has put up a Drug Infofor Dare Officers page which includes a wealth of valuable information for anyoneinterested in drugs of abuse. The page in notable for the inclusion of many photographs ofvarious drugs of abuse, and information on the legal status of various drugs.

New Rolodex Entries:

Center for Substance Abuse Treatment , National Treatment Hotline aids consumers inlinking to treatment within their communities.

Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, Workplace Helpline is a toll-free service whichprovides confidential consultations toemployers, unions, and community-based substance abuse prevention organizations on thedevelopment and implementation of workplace prevention programs and other relatedinitiatives.

European Treatment Hotline
We want to thank Iain Brown of the Department of Psychology University of Glasgow for givingus this information.

New Controlled Drinking E-mail List

CDis a list devoted to discussion of controlled drinking and controlled drug use. It wasgeared to researchers, clinicians and the lay public. To subscribe, send the following command in the BODY of mail to
SUBSCRIBE CD yourfirstname yourlastname

New Links

The New Jersey Council onAlcoholism and Drug Abuse continues to improve their web site. Check out their newsjournal and public policy sections.

The American Psychological Association put up some information about computer addictions. Those interested can check it out at http://www.apa.org/monitor/jun96/ onlinea.html

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