What's New - December 1, 1997

Site of the Month!

The Schaeffer Library is somewhere left of center on drug issues, and some of the pages on it's site show this clearly. One helpful compendium is the Links to Federal Documents on Drug Policy. There's a lot of data here, folks!


For more federal government information, try the healthfinder site. It has dozens of links to information about substance abuse, treatment, prevention and recovery.

And 8.8 million more bits of info

PubMed searchable medical database is tops, and is part of the free MedLine project. I got 6 citations in the past 60 days on the term "methamphetamine".

Alcoholics in Recovery

Another Fine 12-step oriented website. Includes a link to the Sober Biker site - you have to appreciate that.

Internet Addiction Redux

Described as an "international expert" on Internet Addiction, Dr. Kimberly Young has a website on the topic. Research citations, a monitored chat room for internet addicts, links to treatment programs and more.

Our Man in the Great White North

George Davidson regular participant in the Addict-L mailing list, has put together a fine, and fun set of links to explore. Addiction, ADHD, and Goose Control?

UNM's CRAFT Project

CRAFT stands for Community Reinforcement and Family Training, and is a method for significant others to learn to intervene successfully with problem drinkers.

Coming Soon to PBS

Look for a new Bill Moyers special, Close To Home on PBS in early spring. The noted reporter will examine addiction in America in his own way. You can see some preview information at the PBS web site. Remember, you heard it here first!

New Links

UCLA's Drug Abuse Research Center website has tons of information on studies in prevention, treatment and criminal justice related substance abuse issues.

Read the recent NIH Concensus Statements on Effective Medical Treatment of Heroin Addiction, and Acupuncture.

Wisconsin's Uniform Placement Criteria Project WI-UPC, is currently being pilot tested across that state. View the site, learn about the project, we think you'll learn a lot!

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