What's New - August 6, 1997

Teen Drug Use Decreases

The results of the 1996 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse were released today by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The overall use of illicit drugs among Americans of all ages remained flat from 1995 to 1996, but illicit drug use among teens 12 to 17 years old declined for the first time since 1992. The rate of teenage use for all illicit drugs declined from 10.9 percent in 1995 to 9.0 percent in 1996. The web site contains the SAMHSA press release and wire service stories on the survey.

What's New - August 1, 1997

September is National Treatment Works Month

Start planning now for National Treatment Works Month. Center for Substance Abuse Treatment is sponsoring this event and has planning materials.
Contact: Ellen Shapiro, (301) 443-5052

Marin Institute

The Marin Institute for the Prevention of Alcohol and Other Drug Problems specializes in alcohol marketing practices and other public health approaches to prevention. Their review of the beverage alcohol industries presence on the World wide Web, Under the Influence in Cyberspace, should be required reading for anyone interested in alcohol abuse and the internet. The site also has their searchable data base on alcohol policy and industry and copies of many Institute publications.

Institute of Alcohol Studies

Institute of Alcohol Studies is an independent educational organization with the basic aims of increasing knowledge of alcohol and the social and health consequences of its misuse, and encouraging and supporting the adoption of effective measures for the management and prevention of alcohol-related problems. The Web site contains a press digest of alcohol related stories from the United Kingdom and an excellent list of links organized by country. This is the place to go for information on European resources for alcohol issues. They also have Fact Sheets on:


National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors (NASADAD) is the organization that represents state alcohol and drug abuse officials in Washington D.C. The NASADAD web site contains a calender off events, a page with public policy information, NASADAD publications and some select links to other sites. We have also compiled a list of State Resources. These web sites were developed by the various state alcohol and drug abuse officials.

New Links

Alcohol and Alcoholism publishes original research and review articles on every aspect of alcohol and alcoholism. The web page contains titles and abstracts of recent issues.

American Council for Drug Education has a web site designed to help adults and children learn about drugs.

"Drug Use" is a site providing discussion and information about the risks of illegal drug use.

National Association of Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Counselors page contains information about the counselors association, standards, membership and national conference.

International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation is an electronic, professional publication is dedicated to the enhancement of program development, evaluation and innovations in mental health and substance abuse treatment programs worldwide. The April, 1997 issue contained a review on the effectiveness of self-help groups.

Thanks to Bob Ekleberry for pointing us to his Dual Diagnosis Pages

American Pharmaceutical Association

New Rolodex Listing

Dual Recovery Anonymous
1425 Fruitdale Avenue
San Jose, CA 95128
(800) 909-9372

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