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Shamanic Training

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I receive information about your classes and other events?

To be notified of upcoming classes and each one’s topic, price, and other details, subscribe to my newsletter here.

Your information will be confidential and safe: I never share your information.

For an extensive overview of the Fairy Witchcraft I teach—as opposed to details for each course or a schedule of classes—click here.

Have you written books about magic spells, witch spirituality, and fairy magic?

Yes! Check them out here. (Fairy magic is also known as faerie shamanism.)

Can you and I talk so I know whether you’re the right teacher for me?

Absolutely. To talk about your goals or otherwise discuss whether I’m the guide for you, phone me.

I commit to my students and want to connect authentically with them right from the gate, so I’m available to talk as long as you need to make your decision.

I prefer phone to email because I am print-disabled. I'll answer brief emails that can be addressed with a brief response. My phone number and email address are below.

Need to "feel my vibe" to decide whether I’m a good teacher for you? Call me. I’ve nothing to hide and am here to serve.

Can we discuss your upcoming course so I know whether it meets my needs?

Sure! Phone me. No problem. Or I'll answer a quick-to-read email that can be addressed with a brief response.

You’re not required to contact me before enrolling. I'm saying I am available if you want to discuss the event before deciding whether to enroll.

Can you help me find my soul purpose, (talk to my ancestors, follow my life path ...)?

I’d be glad to help. I have a lot of different shamanic skills and am here to serve you.

In a spiritual counseling session (aka psychic reading or shamanic counseling), I psychically look at your situation, to provide guidance about your life. I can also channel ancestors or otherwise help you communicate with them. My one-on-one sessions can provide many other services, e.g., I might channel a spell tailored just for you. For more info about private sessions, click here.

My classes also provide individual attention. E.g., I might channel spells tailored to you or spiritual counseling regarding your life journey. Most classes are limited enrollment. So students can receive individualized guidance.

What did my dream mean?... How can I stop the negative energy around me? ... Am I nuts to see spirits? ...

I’ll address these things and more. To schedule a spiritual counseling session, so I can psychically read your dream or otherwise channel information you need to take control of your life, click here.

Is a scholarship, partial scholarship, trade, or payment plan possible?

Yes to all those. When I announce an upcoming class or other event in which you want to participate, phone me to discuss options.

Do you accept students who are gay (BIPOC, trans, gender-benders, male, ...)?

Yes to all and any. I don't think there's a more diverse community than the one that's grown up around my events.

I need someone to do a spell for me. Will you?

Yes. I will do a ritual, the magic of which adapts to you, according to what you truly want and need, e.g., money flows in, back pain ends, and hope reappears. It’ll be a long-distance healing of your body, spirit, and life. Full info here: https://outlawbunny.com/2012/04/24/distance-healings-of-body-and-spirit/

Do you give interviews to the media?

I welcome queries from the media. I’ve been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, and Cosmopolitan, have hosted radio on San Francisco’s ABC subsidiary, appeared on national TV, and written for major market television and radio. See above for my phone number and email address. Click here for my witch bio: https://outlawbunny.com/bio/

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