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I will not answer email asking questions that are answered below. I regret this necessity. Also, do read my Contact Info page before writing to me.

Does magic work? 

Is magic ethical?

Do love spells work? 

Please give me a love spell.

How can I become a witch? 

Is Wicca right for me?

What are good books on Wicca? 

I need individual help.

Can someone who is gay (male, young,
black...) be a witch?

Do you know a teacher (coven, store,
psychic, 3rd Road practitioner...) local to me?

Can you put a link on your page to mine?

Can I put a link to your page on my site?

What if this FAQ doesn't have the
information I want?

How can I receive information about your
classes and other events?

What if I can't find the information I
want on your site?

Yes, yes, and yes!

Sure! Go to Francesca's Love Spells.

Go to Recommended Books and read up about Wicca.

Glad to! Send me your URL and a site description that I can cut and paste into my site!

Please! Thank you!

Everyone is welcome!

I'm unable to make referrals, but just surf from my links page to find something.

Sign up for my mailing list to get up-to-date information about my tele-seminars and local classes. If you're on my mailing list, you'll also receive my free newsletters, book release announcements, and information about book-signings and other appearances. Be assured that being on my mailing list is confidential and safe: I do not sell or share any information.

I am here to serve you: I give tailor-made spells, discuss philosophy, and provide feedback regarding one's shamanic journey in my classes and professional counseling sessions. In a professional counseling session, I can psychically look at your situation, help you with it, create a spell tailored just for you, guide your journey, and the like. My classes, including my tele-seminars, are also set up for individual attention.

This site is megalithic and chock-full of free info! Find the answers to many other questions in The Wiccan & Faerie Grimoire of Francesca De Grandis which provides articles, poems, spells, links, etc. Also, be sure to see my contact page.

If the info you want is not on my site:

  • See my link page for many great places on the web to visit and find information.

  • Or go to my Grimoire's Reading List for suitable books.

  • Avail yourself of my resources off the web.

  • Finally, trust your ability to research! Instead of mailing me questions like "What does this symbol mean?" or "Where can I find a spell to...?" search for your own truth and thus gain power. I created this site to give you free research resources. I hope you use them vigorously; you will find your answers and power. For example, read everything above; your specific question might not be mentioned, but may be addressed in response to another concern.

I hope my web site has helped you. If so, I ask for a donation; please say this simple prayer:

"May Francesca get what she needs today and tomorrow."

In support of your goals,

Francesca De Grandis

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