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Classes in Wicca (The Celtic Shamanism of Faerie Tradition) & Personal Transformation

Table of Contents

What is the 3rd Road Tradition?

What is a 3rd Road Class? 

What is 3rd Road's Mystic Rose Path? 

A Personal Statement 

What is 3rd Road's Stellar Rose Path?
(Training By Teleseminar)

What is the 3rd Road Institute?

What is the 3rd Road Community? 

Who is Francesca De Grandis? 

Frequently Asked Questions About Classes

Class Schedules

THE 3RD ROAD tradition is a living branch of ancient Faerie shamanism, also called Wicca, Goddess Spirituality, Faerie Tradition, or Celtic shamanism. It develops one's spiritual, psychic, and worldly potential, while honoring each person's inextricable weaving with society, nature and cosmos. This is an ecstatic path pursued via a supervised and disciplined approach to: psychic training; intense personal growth (which includes purification of the inner blocks that keep one from fulfillment and service); an experience of the love of the Goddess and God in daily life; and a practical application of shamanism to life's joys and challenges. The 3rd Road is an initiatory path.

The 3rd Road has two distinct branches: Mystic Rose and Stellar Rose. Each stands on its own as a complete training with its own unique initiation. Some students choose to gain the benefits of both trainings. Although both trainings are initiatory, initiation is not guaranteed upon completion of the classes. However, certification of completion is given.

Both branches entail traditional shamanic teaching methods, and participants undergo an authentic shamanic journey toward personal fulfillment and magical expertise.

After the advanced training of either branch, some students continue on with post graduate training. Post graduate work is not described on the site, being a moot point until one has undergone the earlier training.

The Mystic Rose Curriculum\Branch\Training, formerly called the "core 3rd Road training," consists of 5 semesters (almost two years) and is done face-to-face. 

There are two entry-level classes which are each three months long, can be taken in any order, and are complete trainings unto themselves for those who desire no further work. However, these "sister" curriculums complement each other, add up to a larger whole, and are prerequisites for advanced Mystic Rose training, which consists of three additional semesters.

The Stellar Rose Curriculum\Branch\Training is only available by teleseminar, and takes 2 years to complete. 

Entry-level classes can be taken in any order, and each is a complete training unto itself, often with a specific focus and empowerment for those who desire to focus only on the material available in that particular class. Each entry-level class is six or seven weeks long, and there is approximately a year's worth of entry-level classes. After that, students may go on to advanced training, committing to a year long supervised shamanic journey, magical training, and spiritual development. 

I so believe in teleseminars as a valid means of transmitting shamanism that the Stellar Rose material is available only by teleseminar, even to my local students.

THE 3RD ROAD Wiccan school and institute of healing in San Francisco, California, is where Ms. De Grandis both teaches and offers psychic readings (shamanic counseling.) While she herself is committed to practicing and teaching witchcraft (the religion of ancient European shamanism), as a counselor Francesca guides clients from a wide diversity of religious walks of life. Honoring the client's own spirituality, she has offered compassionate support to people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and lifestyles, and brings to her counseling the benefits of long experience. 

THE 3RD ROAD community is world-wide. The SF institute, like the temple of an ancient city, is the nucleus of a community rich with diversity. Students -- wondrously mad, politically motivated, representing everyone from lawyers to bike messengers, and a rainbow of race, ethnicity and lifestyle -- join together to study, heal, work and play. Students, past and present, also gather to celebrate the eight Wiccan festivals of the year wheel. Often students' friends and family, and the larger pagan community, join in the celebration. 

The 3rd Road teleseminar community is international, and meets in small, personal phone groups.

Someday, 3rd Road's  type of small, intimate, yet empowered community will form the basis of the "global village."

THE 3RD ROAD classes, whether Mystic Rose or Stellar Rose courses, emphasize the spiritual and magical practices of the Old Religion, solid magical technique, living the Wiccan religion of love and worship, and the power and poetry of the Faerie Faith. Classes consist of lecture, ritual and discussion. Weekly ritual practices are assigned. Because students learn tools for inner change, the work can be vigorous and deeply moving. Francesca is committed to safe emotional and psychic practices. To these ends registration is usually limited, so that groups are small and personal. Many solitary practitioners who usually avoid groups find the classes a safe and supportive learning environment. 

Entry Level curriculum might include but not be limited to: magical techniques; energy perception and manipulation; the poetry of magic and physics; psychic protection; ritual format; manifestation of material goals; urban shamanism; applied theology and myth; strengthening relationship to Deity; alignment of Godself, conscious mind, and unconscious; rituals for personal cleansing and inner transformation; ecstatic techniques; ethics; and sexual healing. Students also enjoy experienced guidance to make spiritual training relevant to their present lives and strengthen the God(dess) within.

Shamanism is essentially taking one's inner and outer problems -- whether they are typical daily frustrations or major trauma -- and using them as springboards into prosperity, greatness, and joy. Classes reveal how to accomplish this. One gains a rich heart openness to deep relationship with Goddess, family, and community.

Most entry-level classes are multilayered, tailored to be suitable for both beginners and adepts.

Many Stellar Rose entry-level courses explore one topic in depth. For example, a course might focus on herbal magic, traditional healing used for gender empowerment, shamanic counseling, pagan ministry, or sacred sexuality.

In the case of the Gentle Heart; Palm Up teleseminar, I call it "naptime for spiritual warriors," because it offers eight principles of surrender that keep you from being a cosmic doormat and give you a fluidity and passion that make you unstoppable. The material is profoundly and experientially life-changing.

Advanced Instruction in either branch, as stated above, takes one additional year. Undertaken only by those dedicated to the Old Gods, these are vigorous and challenging trainings -- big commitments bearing the sweetest, richest, and most mysterious fruit. Curriculum advances topics introduced in entry level courses. For example, students come to an even deeper trust of their inner voice. 

In the Mystic Rose branch, advanced work also includes trance journey; sacred space (circle); power quest; power bundle; spiritual healing of self and others; leading services; community building skills; gender healing; and ritual creation. Students also receive private, personalized lessons. Via focused exercise and repetition, students gain facility in the Magical Art much the way dancers or martial artists train to command their art. 

In the Stellar Rose branch, advanced work includes gender healing; ritual creation; construction of one's inner power-place; power quest; and community building. Students learn and/or sharpen the magical techniques most relevant to their own work and personalities. The Stellar Rose curriculum is still being created. Once that is done, other aspects of its advanced curriculum will be listed on this page. 

As students progress in either branch, individualized curriculum is developed; one student might learn about pastoral counseling, another about animal totems. The personal attention and fellowship that is an important and integral part of Wiccan training is deepened as students work on their special projects in class supported by the group. As with all 3rd Road classes, material is not taught academically but experientially.


"In 1986 everyone thought I was crazy to start an institute of Wicca and personal growth -- such an institute was unheard of, and a one person staff (me!) could never pull it off. Well, here I am, still doing it, and happy as a bubble coasting along the surface of a brook. 

"Of course, things have expanded from a one person operation. I finally got an assistant. Students and graduates help produce the Pagan holiday rites. But all in all the institute remains as it started, fulfilling my original vision -- a student body small enough that folks can get to know each other; classes & rituals in a safe environment; in-depth, finely tuned study; the teacher accessible for follow up on class curriculum; and the focus on personal and individualized growth. I am pleased! 

"A formal, efficient institute can be small, simple and personal. In this uncomplicated intimate structure, I have taught innumerable students. 

"In this day and age, my institute is surely unusual, yet it is a true center for teaching and healing, and the focal point for a community. This is in keeping with traditional shamanic culture: instead of a nationally or internationally centralized governing body, shamanic culture happens in small clusters of independent minded, but healthily interdependent, people. In shamanic society, each person is important, their unique needs and potential affirmed and supported. 

"A shaman walks between the stars but lives IN the world, realizing that time and competence are precious commodities, which need to be coupled with humane priorities. We must be down to earth, mystics who apply our visions practically, so that we can fulfill ourselves and obligations to family, friends, community, and planet. 

"Each person has a unique talent or talents that make them joyous and fully themselves. When we develop these passions, we honor the sacredness of life. Only through serving others with these unique talents can planet and community be healed. My focus is personal growth so each of us can attain this selfhood. Travelers on the 3rd Road are able to use their full potential to serve the larger community. 

"Now, teaching 3rd Road teleseminars, I am finding it a way to fulfill my original vision of my classes, with people who live far away. There's all the power, warmth, community, and focus on individuals. Teleseminars are giving me a rich new depth of camaraderie as we, in the teleseminars, move forward side-by-side in a spiritual growth which is strengthening our ability to become happier in our personal lives as well as helping us better make a difference in the world. I no longer feel so alone while fighting the good fight. The 3rd Road teleseminar student body is a precious community that I really need and celebrate. 

"The synchronicity with which 3rd Road began and continues to develop is daily. For example, I started the teleseminars because so many wonderful people who wanted to study with me lived far away. First, I taught a master class for those who had already done the program in my book Be a Goddess! Then I adapted already existing workshops. A teleseminar student begged me to do a complete 2-year training by phone. I insisted I ethically could not. Then, one day, I had a vision. The light bulb went on. It was as if, when I both created and adapted those workshops, Goddess had played a trick, making them perfect to combine with the Be a Goddess! curriculum, the Be a Goddess Master Class, and additional specially formulated courses, to add up to the Stellar Rose branch of 3rd Road. I kept checking my notes -- could this be possible? 

"It was! Detail for detail kept lining up "coincidentally" to perfectly fulfill my high standard of what is needed! So now I have thrown myself into this clearly Goddess-given flow, and am creating/channeling the rest of the curriculum. It is an enormous blessing -- and responsibility -- to be a channel for this poetry of transformative earth spirituality. I was surprised, quite honestly, to discover that authentic Faerie shamanism can be transmitted through this venue. Now, I see that it makes total sense -- shamanism is shamanism. Its lessons transcend all circumstances, if those involved participate sincerely. I am striving diligently to stay a clear channel for a curriculum that is comprehensive, effective, and safe. Students -- novices and elders -- tell me it's working, that their lives are blooming like never before. I am so lucky to be on this adventure, on the 3rd Road. Come join me! Forget your reasons not to -- just come and love yourself.

"Blessings on you, take good care of yourself, because every single one of us needs each and every one of the rest of us, so that we can keep on keeping on making a difference.

"I am dedicated to the Goddess and God." 

-- Francesca De Grandis

FRANCESCA DE GRANDIS, author of HarperSanFrancisco's Be a Goddess! and Goddess Initiation, is a traditional spiritual healer, and the daughter of a Sicilian witch. Francesca graduated from New College of California where she pursued Shamanic Studies. After completing a rigorous and rare seven year training to become a shaman in the Celtic or Faerie Tradition, she went on to earn the title "Master in the Faerie Faith." She is also an initiated Kahuna, as well as ordained in the Fellowship of Isis. Ms. De Grandis has been a Shamanic counselor since 1982, and has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, and Cosmopolitan.

Lynn Andrews, author of Medicine Woman: "Francesca De Grandis has given us an inspirational bridge between ancient wisdom and our current life." 

Starhawk, author of The Spiral Dance: "A witch who knows her stuff" 

Complete Woman: "De Grandis teaches others how to have great sex, spiritual power, and enjoy the world..." 

Students & Clients: 
"I gained incredible insight and valuable tools for making necessary changes...a testing, tugging feeling of adventure... the realization of birth, of being mother to yourself. Francesca, midwife and godmother in my rebirth...she changes lives like no-one else...I felt welcome and safe...Francesca offers authentic teachings...her program integrates the rigor of non-academic scholarship with a depth of emotional, psychic and physical experience that's rare...a truly comprehensive and complete training that leaves you an experienced witch...kindness and fun...My life has opened like a rose."

More Students: 
"I feel incredibly graced to have met and studied with Francesca... taking her classes, and reading her books, I have connected to my deepest and most powerful truths. Francesca has helped me ignite my own natural shamanic fire. Practical results of my study with her extend to every area of my life...I am indebted to Francesca..." -- Dena Crowder, M. A., creator of "Essential Woman" and "Sovereign"

"...Francesca is such a warm, loving, and giving person... After experiencing the energy in two teleseminars, I know that she has a keen sense of what will work and what won't. She has a true gift of reading the environment and of pulling together a very diverse collection of people into a cohesive, supportive, loving, and productive group... Very quickly, during a teleseminar, you stop thinking of yourself as being in a phone conference and are drawn into the warmth, magic, and joy..." -- Kathi Somers, Southern California

"...I felt the need to reach out to a community of others walking this path. The teleseminar was a perfect solution. I've learned so much ... from the elder wisdom and personal attention that Francesca offers. I am grateful for her guidance and integrity." -- Liz Cherniak, Calgary, Canada 

"I'm a private person and don't like to be put on the spot. During a teleseminar, Francesca creates a 'virtual temple' where all styles are encouraged. I can be me, participate silently, and have a great time doing so." -- Night Joy, Boston, Massachusetts

Frequently Asked Questions

Be advised: below are quick n' dirty answers. However, the rest of the page often addresses the same issues in greater detail and depth.

What if I can't afford the tuition?

Which class is best to take first?

What do I take if I'm a complete novice?

Where do I start if I'm an elder?

What's the difference between the face-to-face classes and teleseminars?

Which of the two are more intense or comprehensive?

Which is better for me?

How does a teleseminar work?

Q: What if I can't afford the tuition?

Francesca (FDG): There's scholarship and work trade available. And if the problem is not money per se, but paying a lump sum all at once, call me. I'm very flexible about working out a payment plan. Or if you've a specific skill or product you want to offer, call me about a trade.

Q: Which class is best to take first?

FDG: Entry-level classes can be taken in any order.

Q: What do I take if I'm a complete novice?

FDG: Entry-level classes are totally accessible to beginners. Honest!

Q: Where do I start if I'm an elder?

FDG: You sit on your hands and start at the beginning. Spiritual seekers on any path have to do that, anyway - occasionally start from the ground up. And 3rd Road 101 is not generic Wicca 101, so you need entry-level classes upon which to build advanced 3rd Road work. Elders from many traditions have found 3rd Road an excellent supplement to their own paths.

Q: What's the difference between the face-to-face classes and teleseminars?

FDG: I refuse to say. There don't seem to be words that are truthful. Both branches are unique, but anything I say to differentiate seems to somehow belittle one or the other of the two. All I can say is, they're both worth taking.

Q: Which of the two are more intense or comprehensive?

FDG: As I try to find ways to differentiate between the two branches, it only becomes more confusing, not less. For example, many people take one branch, and feel it's totally changed their life. Many others, who want all the tools, power, knowledge, and growth they can get, integrate the two branches. I do know that both achieve many of the same goals, and both lay down a solid spiritual and magical foundation, then go on to build on that foundation. However, the tools and means through which this is done are quite different in the two branches. I feel like a trickster as I write out this FAQ Sheet. Maybe that says something.

Q: Which is better for me?

FDG: That's a very individual thing. Perhaps your intuition can guide you. Feel free to call to discuss your particular goals and needs. My number is (415) 750-1205.

Q: How does a teleseminar work?

FDG: First, let's talk about it logistically. All you need is your telephone to enjoy a shamanic teleseminar that gives you the benefits of 3rd Road training wherever you live. TOTAL COST consists of enrollment fee, paid to me, plus long distance charges to Las Vegas (the area code for the event's "tele-bridge"). Just call long distance then pay the charges on your phone bill. Long distance rates for a 55 minute class can be $6.00.

A group meets on the same day of the week for six or seven consecutive weeks at 6:00 pm (California time). Meetings consist of riveting, effective 55 minute-long lessons. A small group allows for dynamic, focused sessions that support your uniquely personal goals and dreams. Sessions are interactive and give you life-changing assignments to apply between meetings. Which brings us to how a teleseminar works shamanically.

In my shaman's tele-hut I use traditional Celtic teaching methods. After all, the dreamworld, other world, alternate reality, is a place shamans walk with their students. We can get there just as easily meeting by phone.

It's not just me lecturing at you for an hour, it's really magical, and you get to ask all the questions you need.

The teleseminars have proven to be a truly viable means to teach shamanism in a wholistic, rather than dry, didactic, way. Even more exciting, it's clear one can also teach a full tradition through this venue. I am still creating the curriculum, so students now enrolled are pioneers. The two year training develops bit by bit, and, as it does, so does the warmth and togetherness of 3rd Road's teleseminar community. And so does our depth of magical expertise, spiritual growth, and mystic awareness. I am grateful to the students involved in this at the starting point. What a journey we share.

I create a virtual-temple with a gentle opening ritual and wholesome environment. With long experience as a spiritual guide, I can build a sacred virtual-grove where we can learn, celebrate and heal our spirits. I also trained to be a teleseminar leader; this helps me facilitate not only meaningful dialogues, but transforming ritual-experiences.

You enjoy the same safe, ethical, relaxed, and fun space as in the Mystic Rose classes. Instead of impersonal, glib teachings, I try to offer you relevant ideas and practical tools, and, if you desire, directly address your personal issues. Tele-classes are right for *your* unique goals, challenges, and dreams.

Class Schedules

For more information call (415) 750-1205 but please do not e-mail me. I'm happy to talk as long as you need by phone but current injuries severely limit e-mail use. Or you can write to me at: 

The 3rd Road
POB 210307
San Francisco, CA  94121

"There's the road to heaven, and there's the road to hell, and there? That's the road to Faerie."
-- Thomas, the Rhymer

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