Existential Photocopy Collages

Artist Statement
  1. The Non-Temporality Of Being Is Given In Time

  2. A Person Who Acts Upon Someone Else's Will, Or In Accordance With Someone Else's Image Of Them Has Allowed Their self To Become An Object

  3. I'm a Walking Greenhouse Of Neurotic Flora

  4. To Be In The World Is To Haunt The World Not Be Ensnared By It

  5. Real Courage Is Risking One's Clichés

  6. The Primary Relation Here Is The Unity Of A Totality Capable Of Disintegration

  7. Champaignable, Going Flat

  8. A Linear Wrench Wont Turn A Spiral Bolt

  9. 1984

  10. The Age Of The New Has Entered History

  11. Beam Me Up Scotty This Place Sucks

  12. Being, Cut From Essence, Which Is Its Ground, Becomes Mere Empty Immediacy

  13. Its Supposed To Be A Portrait Of Their Soul

  14. It Is In Anguish That People Get Consciousness Of Freedom

  15. Non-Being Is Essential To Becoming

  16. There Is No Point In Driving Yourself Mad Trying To Stop Yourself Going Mad. You Might Just As Well Save Your Sanity For Later

  17. I'm Gonna Gun This Sucker Straight Into The Heartland

  18. Its About Some People In The Strangest Place

  19. I Feel - Feel Like - I Am - In A Burning Building - And I Gate Go

  20. Just Sick Enough To Be Totally Confident

  21. Possession Of Anything New Or Expensive Only Reflects A Persons Lack Of Theology And Geometry, It Could Even Cast Doubts Upon Ones Soul

  22. I Must Change My Environment And Society To Suit Myself And Not Change Myself To Suit My Environment Or Society

  23. Upon The Thin Fabric Of Reality Imagination Weaves Our Life

  24. Reality Is Frequently Inaccurate

  25. I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore

  26. Pining For Emotions For Which We Are Not Willing To Pay The Price Of Experience

  27. Brutalized Culture Of Unfulfillable Desire

  28. Humans Are Naturally Aware Of The Structural Resemblance Uniting Physical And Nonphysical Objects And Events

  29. Adopt A System Accept Its Beliefs And You Strengthen The Resistance To Change

  30. When Poets Drink Wine Their Heart Remains As Clear As A Mirror, But The Heart Of An Ordinary Person Intoxicated With Worldly Concerns, Is Clouded With Dust

  31. Through Our Dreams We Can Find The Aliveness That We've Been Suppressing

  32. I Burn For Justice

  33. A Terrible Sense Of Clarity

  34. A Split Between Sense And Thought Caused Various Deficiency Diseases In Modern Man

  35. Disposable Spectacle

  36. The Legendary Valentine

  37. Good Sex Is Hard To Come By

  38. There Is No Intensity Without Rules, Limits And Artifice

  39. Out Of My Contradictions I Find My Creativity

  40. Cult Of The Electronic Fragment

  41. The Deeper Inside Myself I Go, The Less My Actions Will Be As They Were Before

  42. Fear Is Extinguished When I Confront The Situation

  43. Reality Is Made To Fit Subjective Needs

  44. Voids Between People And The Circumspectness Of Their Gestures

  45. Open The Passage From Feeling To Meaning

  46. Commitment To The Nuance

  47. The Vast Theatre Of Desire And Illusion Erected By 20th Century Mass Media

  48. I Need My Head Examined, I Need My Eyes Excited, I'd Like To Join The Party, But I was Not Invited

Collage Concepts

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