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ignore this section; some ongoing madscience


madscience. google=0hits.060730; 1hit.070313

more madscience, here's a link to a this-site copy

of the hep C paper:

Click Here for the PDF paper

google<"posttransfusion non-A, non-B hepatitis, characterized by undulating">=1hit.070313 at pubmedcentral only.

googlescholar<"Detection, Semiquantitation, and Genetic Variation in Hepatitis C Virus">=31 papers cite this paper as of 070313

interestingly, pubmedcentral itself shows 19 papers citing this paper as of 070313. and, at least one, "Detection of genomic and intermediate...", author K T Nouri Aria, et al, doesn't appear on the googlescholar list. hmmmmm.

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Click Here for a TODO list for proposed federal Constitutional amendments, and other proposed federal law changes. This is a new section as of 11/17/2011. Go OCCUPIERS go.

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You have reached the home page for Philip K. Lane, known to diverse and sundry friends as Phil, space cadet, rocket scientist, Dr. Cool (it's a long story), or occasionally "hey you!"


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Hi to all.

In case you didn't know, the Web address for this page is: or

If you want dart practice (and have a spare monitor you can sacrifice) you can click on my photo. (photo caption & photo credit)

(photo is 54 kilobytes, GIF format, size 3.33 x 4.44 inches or 240 x 320 pixels, resolution 72 pixels/in.)

Florida. Here's a link to prior (now out of date) contact info for Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

Moscow. Here's a link to prior (now out of date) contact info for Institute for BioMedical Problems (IBMP), Moscow.

Curriculum Vitae. Here's a link so you can throw darts at my resume (if you have another spare monitor).

Stuff to Do. Things I keep meaning to do; running list.

This page is continuously under construction (especially now as I've figured out hyperlinking -- PKL 990827)...

If you're looking for more info and you're on an INTERNET Unix shell account, try finger lanephil<"at" sign> (you'll have to replace the <"at" sign> with the character @). If you're on a WELL account, try bio lanephil.

Or send me an email at lanephil<"at" sign> (replace <"at" sign> with the character @).

(NOTE, prior email address now out of service.)

(cash contributions graciously accepted ;-> ).

I'll add stuff here over time. So, check back early and often...

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