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Midnight Moonlight Madness

Robbie Hatley, Curator

This museum is dedicated to the children of the world, especially the abused, the neglected, the lonely, the sad, the homeless, the hungry. Treat children kindly, for the children of today will be the parents and teachers and leaders of tomorrow. How we treat our children will determine the future of our human race.

We never close!

"Shining Out In Darkness"

§ Welcome!


Welcome, dear guest, to my museum! My name is Robbie Hatley, and the name of my museum is Midnight Moonlight Madness.

For personal information about me, see

About Robbie Hatley,

and for a look at my "curriculum vitae" see

My On-line Résumé.

For a brief history of Midnight Moonlight Madness, see

About Midnight Moonlight Madness.


You may have noticed the motto engraved on the cornerstone of the building on your way in, right below the "Open 24 Hours" sign: "Shining Out In Darkness". This motto indicates my hope that this museum will be as a beacon of logic, sanity, compassion, and hope, shining out in the darkness of an often confused, insane, cruel, and desperate world. Such is my goal. As for what extent to which I've attained it, that is for you to judge. (For more on the motives of this web site, see the "comments" section between the "head" and "body" elements of this page. You'll need to find out for yourself how to find and view the source code of web pages if you don't know how.)


To move around this museum, use the Navigation Bars at the top and bottom of each page to get to any of the seven main pages.

(Or if you prefer a graphical navigation aid, click the "Site Map" link at the top of any page on the site, to bring up the Site Map. This allows you to get to different parts of the museum by clicking rooms on a floor plan.)

Each of the seven main pages also has links going to still more pages. For example, "Poetry" has links to poems, and "Essays" has links to essays.

Technical Notes:

For technical information on this site (such as what browsers it works best on, and what technologies are being used) see Technical Notes.

Construction Zone!

Midnight Moonlight Madness is permanantly under construction, and will definitely continue to grow and improve as time goes by. Stop by often and check out the changes!

Robbie Hatley,
Midnight Moonlight Madness

§ News

Site News:

Tuesday March 26, 2019, 10:23PM Pacific Time:

I'm doing some site maintenance tonight, for the first time in months. For one thing, I'm removing the CGI "mail-to" form from the "Contacts" section of this page, because it was allowing people (and bots) to send me too many automated, spam, and repetitive messages. No, I don't want buy your commercial products. And no, I don't have time to maintain this site on a daily basis, nor will I ever, so it may be a few months before I'll respond to your messages about links (either other sites wanting to link to mine, or other sites wanting me to link to them). I'm sorry if that's inconvenient to you, but that's just the way it is.

Keep in mind that "links" issues is not the primary reason I'm allowing you, The People Of Planet Earth, to contact me; the primary reason is so that we can actually communicate; that is, so that we can discuss what you think, and what I think, and what is true, what is beautiful, what is noble, what is pure. Why would I like to discuss those things? Because that is the only conversation worth having.

And while discussing links may be of some benefit to someone, it is not "conversing". "Conversing" means, lets discuss what we think about life, about death, about this universe, about reality, about emotions, about human relationships, about music, about writing, about arts; in-general, anything and everything except you writing me for the purpose of getting something out of me (money, links, etc). That is what it means to "converse".

So from now on, if you want to email me, read the image of my email address and type the address into a "compose" window in your email client; this ensures that people contacting me are humans only, not robots, and discourages large numbers of repetitive or spam messages.

Personal News:

Tuesday March 26, 2019, 11:17PM Pacific Time:

For those wishing to contact me via telephone, note that my phone number has changed. That is because I lost my old cell phone. The thing was in need of replacement anyway, and I've outgrown pay-as-you-go phone service; so I connected phone service to a used Samsung Galaxy S4. I now have cell, 4G, and GPS services in my phone, so I can play Pokemon Go much more easily. And, use the phone as a navigator. And, use my phone to pay fares at bus coin boxes (that's a new technology, just came out a few weeks ago). And other things. So, I've now joined the ranks of The Smombies. :-/ Gulp. If you want to call me, see the picture of my new phone number in the "Contacts" section.

That's all the news for right now; check back later for more.

Robbie Hatley,
Midnight Moonlight Madness

§ Contact Information:

Feel free to contact me any time, about any topic except spam or flames. (No, I'm not interested in buying your commercial products. Nor am I interested in your colorful metaphors about me; I already know far more about myself than you ever will.) Instead, please tell me what you think, about life, reality, truth, beauty, human relationships, music, writing, art, or whatever is on your mind.

Here is a gif picture of my email address (this isn't text, so you'll have to type it into your email client manually; this is necessary to stop spam):

lonewolf atsign well dot sea oh em

In case you want to send me a PGP-encrypted message, here is my PGP public key:


Or, connect with me on Facebook:

Or, you can call me on my cell phone. Here's a gif picture of my phone number (you'll have to key it into your phone manually):

sven won for, siks won siks, too for nein five

Founded Wednesday October 8, 1997, by Robbie Hatley.

Last updated Saturday August 22, 2020.

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