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Writings by Robbie Hatley. Mostly non-fiction, but also includes some fan-fiction in §10.

§1: Blogs

(Single-topic web-logs. Unlike traditional blogs, the posts in these blogs are in ascending chronological order as you scroll down the page, so the most recent post is always at the bottom. Also, there's no RSS yet, but that may change in the future.)

§2: Books, Music, and Movies

§3: Children

§4: Philosophy

§5: Psychology

§6: Mathematics and Non-Linear Systems

§7: Computers and the Internet

§8: Humorous Essays

§9: Games

§10: Fan Fiction

Here are three very old fan fiction pieces which I wrote in 1998 when I was younger and less-experienced in life, thinking, writing, and HTML. So please forgive the relative clumsiness of these. Never the less, they have their positive points, I think.

Written Friday September 4, 1998 by Robbie Hatley.

Last updated Monday August 3, 2020.

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