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Love is ice
    and wind-driven snow
Crystalline frost
    and gritty rime
Frigid glaciers
Soul-less bergs
Love is ice

Love is longing
    for what you can't have
Wanting, desiring,
    needing like a drug
Love is longing

Love is pain
    bitter as lye
Burning with a
    freezing fire
Shattered hopes
Love is pain

Love is death
    an ending of things
Can no longer remember
    what came before
Lose my soul
Fracture my mind
Love is death

Robbie Hatley, Tuesday January 27, 1998

I wrote this in just ten minutes, around noon on Tue. Jan. 27, 1998, while in a really BLACK mood while sitting on a bus-stop bench at Slater & Beach in Huntington Beach, CA.

It was just one of those moods I get into sometimes. I'm sure glad I'm not in a mood like that ALL the time! I really have a great faith in the power of Love. It is only when I'm in a really bad mood that my faith weakens, and then I wonder momentarily if there really is any such thing in this world as true Love. I was in a mood like that when I wrote this poem.

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