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You and I walking softly on springy forest leaves;
or striding barefoot across Pacific sands
on a cool February morn;
or climbing a craggy hill in the high Mojave;
or sitting side by side
on the banks of the mighty MO at night,
watching the lights of the boats
dancing on the ever-rippling waters.

We look into each other's eyes,
we see the Love there reflected.
We kiss, we hug, we snuggle, we sigh,
under the full moon at midnight;
a sweet breeze gently ruffles our hair.

Between us are the cables that bind,
the commonality, the closeness, the bond,
which ties two souls together as one.
You are my world, you are my source,
you are my inspiration.
You are my rock, you are my comfort,
you are my foundation.

I will follow, I will lead, I will stand with you.
And through whatever comes,
and whatever befalls us,
we will endure, we will survive, we will prosper.

Robbie Hatley, Wed. Apr. 22, 1998

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